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Jennifer Jonhson
"The best part is I'm not just watching my family play on the dunes. Now, I am right there with them!" Read more...

Mike Burgos
"Before my surgery, I would say I was 10% happy outside, 90% unhappy inside. I would always put a smile on my face, but it wasn’t in my heart." Read more...

Tracey Ward
"There are too many photos of me sitting in a chair, watching the action all around me. Now, I’m part of the action!" Read more...

Stacy and Tom
"It was one year ago (Oct. 11) that Tom and I had our surgeries. Combined, we have lost over 300 pounds and still losing." Read more...

Healthy 4 Life Center

To find out more, call toll free 1-866-224-2059 or attend one of our free seminars. Click Learn More for program information and for online registration.

At the Healthy 4 Life Center, our team understands that the path to weight loss is as unique as each individual who seeks a healthier way of living. With two locations in Northwest Indiana - Community Hospital in Munster and St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart - Healthy 4 Life Center offers convenient access to comprehensive medical and surgical weight loss services necessary for long-term success.

Our individual care program is designed to help patients stay healthy, lose weight and keep it off by offering access to:

  • medical weight loss
  • bariatric surgery
  • lifetime wellness
  • fitness
  • dietary counseling
  • psychosocial counseling
  • psychiatric counseling

Our board certified bariatric surgeons and Internal Medicine physician fellowship-trained in obesity medicine and nutrition support, work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of health professionals. Together, they have combined experience of helping nearly 2,000 patients, more than any other surgical group in Northwest Indiana. To find out how you can be Healthy 4 Life, call toll free 1-866-224-2059 or attend one of our free seminars.

Healthy 4 Life Center
Community Hospital

801 MacArthur Blvd.
Suite 402
Munster, IN


Healthy 4 Life Center
St. Mary Medical Center

1400 S. Lake Park Ave.
Suite 200
Hobart, IN

Why Choose Healthy 4 Life Center?

Deciding to embark on a successful weight loss journey is a life-changing decision. Critical to your success is the support and guidance of an experienced team, and that’s what distinguishes the Healthy 4 Life Center. Our healthcare professionals treat you like you are a member of our family and stand by you at every step in this journey toward better health. This time, you will succeed with the support and expertise of the Healthy 4 Life team.

Should you consider surgery, it is important to know that our team is headed by board certified surgeons Paul Stanish, MD, FACS and Hung Dang, DO, who have more combined years of bariatric experience than any other program in the area. Our surgical team is also supported by the expertise and experience of Omar Shamsi, MD, internal medicine and medical weight loss specialist, who is one of only a few hundred physicians nationwide to complete a fellowship in obesity medicine and nutritional support through the American Board of Physicians Nutrition Specialists.