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Supporting You

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Supporting You at Every Step

How one achieves weight loss success is as unique as the individual who embarks on this journey. At Healthy 4 Life, we believe support is the key to achieving lifelong weight loss success. We stand by our patients at every step, offering education, behavioral and fitness support to ensure that our patients lose the weight and keep it off - for life.

Educational Support

Addressing the lifestyle and nutritional issues associated with weight loss is an essential component of the Healthy 4 Life program. We help our patients reshape their lives with the knowledge of how to eat and modify their lifestyle, developing a long-term, healthy relationship with food. With the support of a clinical dietitian, patients will receive guidance on meal planning and education about food choices and a personalized assessment of their overall nutritional status.

Behavioral Support

We help our patients to cope positively with the changes that come about with any weight loss. Psychological counseling can help patients deal with the emotional changes that commonly occur after significant weight loss. Feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, alternated body image, and emotional eating are among the topics that can be worked through with the support of a licensed clinical social worker from the Healthy 4 Life Center. As necessary, referrals can also be made to incorporate the services of a psychologist.

Fitness Support

We recognize that many of our patients need to begin exercising gradually. With our Move4Life class offerings, patients can strengthen and stretch their body while sitting in a chair or improve flexibility and joint mobility by using a gentle form of yoga. Our caring, nationally certified fitness professionals at Healthy 4 Life help our patients discover how they can feel stronger with a fun, safe and effective physical activity program. We offer a variety of classes to meet the unique fitness levels of all our patients.