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Mike Burgos

33, St. John,
Success with Gastric Bypass Surgery
Heaviest Weight: 391
Current Weight: 227

“Before my surgery, I would say I was 10 percent happy outside, 90 percent unhappy inside. I would always put a smile on my face, but it wasn’t in my heart.”


Mike Burgos knows what it takes to lose weight, and he also knows all too well how to gain it back. At 391 pounds, he was ready for another solution when he decided to attend a free Healthy 4 Life seminar.

After a lifetime of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, Burgos decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. After the surgery, Burgos felt his willpower skyrocket. Today, he refuses to go back to his past pattern of losing weight and regaining it.

“People don’t know what obese people have gone through to try to lose weight,” Burgos said. “It’s hard work. It’s not a magic pill or gimmick, it takes a lot of willpower and dedication and you need a lot of support.”

Support is just what Burgos received from the Healthy 4 Life team and it helped him to break the cycle of losing weight only to regain it again.

“They were always behind me, and always following-up,” he said. “They will always be there like my family or friends…they’re my vital support network.”

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