Cardiovascular Research

Patient Rights

Anyone who participates in a clinical trial has rights. This includes the right to leave the study at any time. The doctors and nurses will monitor your study treatment closely. If at any time during treatment a treatment harms you, you will be removed from the study right away and may seek treatment from your own doctor.

You must weigh the potential risks and benefits of the therapy in question, and must give informed consent. Informed consent means that you must be given all the facts about a study before you decide to participate. This includes details about treatments you may receive and the possible benefits and risks of them. The doctor or nurse will give you an informed consent form that explains the key facts. If you agree to take part in the study, you will be asked to sign this informed consent form. Informed consent continues throughout the study. You should ask as many questions as you need to before, during, and after your study.

Talk to your physicians and those close to you at length. For more detailed information about informed consent, a good resource is:

You have the right to ask any questions about your treatment, clinical studies, research testing on blood samples and tissue, the potential and / or known hazards of a study and the rights of research patients at any time. If you have any questions about these rights, you may contact the Human Protections Administrator at 219-836-6862.