Mission and Values

Mission and Values

We recognize and value diversity in the workplace and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork and respect. Our mission and values guide us to provide quality, compassionate care, treating patients as if they were a member of our own family. Our Core Values set a foundation for how we care for our patients, and uphold the mission of our not-for-profit hospitals. These Core Values are incorporated into our Standards of Behaviors establishing on-the-job expectations for every employee.


Community Healthcare System is committed to provide the highest quality care in the most cost-efficient manner, respecting the dignity of the individual, providing for the well being of the community and serving the needs of all people, including the poor and disadvantaged.


We value the dignity of human life, which is sacred and deserving of respect and fairness throughout its stages of existence.

Compassionate Care

We value compassionate care, treating those we serve and one another with professionalism, concern and kindness, exceeding expectations.


We value meeting the vital responsibilities in the community we serve, and take a leadership role in enhancing the quality of life and health, striving to reduce the incidence of illness through clinical services, education and prevention.


We value quality and strive for excellence in all we do, working together collaboratively as the power of our combined efforts exceeds what each of us can accomplish alone.


We value trustworthy stewardship and adherence to the highest ethical standards that justify public trust and protect what is of value to the system - its human resources, material and financial assets.