Our People

Alyssa Crowley
Rehab Care, St. Catherine Hospital

I've worked for Rehab Care at St. Catherine Hospital for a year and a half. My job title is a COTA/L. I first heard about the hospital through my college. In the fall of 2010, I completed my level II OTA internship here on Acute Rehab. I learned so much from my clinical instructors and the rest of the rehab team. I know this was where I wanted to work as a new grad. Fortunately, there was a job opening and I was hired to be a part of the rehab team and began working here in January of 2011.

Community Healthcare System is a good place to work for many reasons. Every facility is very diverse. You form great relationships with all of your colleagues. Working on Acute Rehab, you get great experience working with patients with a variety of diagnoses. All of our patients get excellent care. I've told a few of my former classmates to apply for jobs here at St. Catherine's - how everyone strives for excellence in everything they do. One of them did apply and works as a float COTA in Community Healthcare System.

As for additional training, this past spring, I had an opportunity to attend the annual AOTA Conference where I received training in preventing pain in the hemiplegic shoulder, neuroplasticity and visual impairments. I'm looking forward to taking courses to become certified in Kinesio Taping this coming year.