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The da Vinci Si® Surgical System

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Robot-assisted Surgery

da Vinci Surgical System

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery, you’ll want to explore all of your options, including the most effective, least invasive surgical treatments available.

Surgeons at Community Hospital are first in Indiana to use the latest version of the $1.75 million da Vinci® Surgical System – the SiHD™ to perform single-incision surgery to remove the gallbladder of a patient - a procedure with greater accuracy and fewer complications, including less pain and blood loss and a quicker recovery.

“When da Vinci was first introduced in August of 2006, Community Hospital was the first hospital in Northwest Indiana and one of only three in the state to offer this advanced technology,” said Fesko. “Our surgeons primarily used it for prostate cancer procedures and as its use has expanded to many other minimally invasive procedures; they subsequently have become among the most experienced physicians you’ll find in the nation with da Vinci robotics,” Fesko said.

During the past five years, the use of robot technology has expanded and is now being utilized with other medical specialties, including gynecology, oncology, urology, advanced laparoscopic and general surgeries and the list continues to grow.

da Vinci Surgical System

“The use of robots in the operating room, with their multi-ranged motion and maneuverability, strengthens and enhances Community Hospital's ongoing commitment to provide patients with the best medical care possible,” said Medical Director of Robotic Surgery at Community Hospital M. Nabil Shabeeb, M.D. who performed the single-incision da Vinci procedure March 16, 2012 on two patients using the FDA-approved technique.

The new da Vinci Si® Surgical System is enabling surgeons to perform even the most complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions with unmatched precision with these features:

  • Dual-console capability. Two consoles enable collaboration between surgeons during minimally-invasive procedures.
  • 3-D high-definition vision. Two stereoscopic high-definition cameras provide the surgeon with up to 10x magnified view of the surgical site.
  • An additional arm. This additional arm can be used to hold another surgical tool, enabling the surgeon to have 50 percent more operating capability.
  • Instant image referencing. The surgeon can display up to two diagnostic images of the area being operated on (for example, CT scans taken prior to surgery) inside the monitor, directly alongside the view of the real-time procedure—providing an extra reference.

    da Vinci Surgical System

  • Extra-mobile “wrist action”. da Vinci Si’s patented mechanical wrists, called EndoWrists®, can hold a wide array of specialized instruments and function just like a human’s but with even greater dexterity and range of motion.
  • Scalability. The robot’s arm can be calibrated to move a fraction of an inch for every inch the surgeon’s hand moves—simplifying the most complex movements.