My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

Peter Whelan

Patient Peter Whelan

Peter Whelan -

Griffith, Retired Engineer

“I retired from (the former) Inland Steel after 38 years as a senior systems engineer. On the job, I constantly walked through the plant and across the "hot fields" and floors of all its subsidiaries. For 10 long years after retirement, I complained of pain in my lower legs to my family doctor - who eventually sent me to a cardiologist - but they couldn't seem to pinpoint the source and I continued to live with excruciating pain.

No one seemed to understand how much pain I was experiencing - until Wednesday, Nov. 11 when I met Dr. Makam at a presentation he was giving at Community Hospital called 'The Latest Advances in PAD Therapies.'

I felt as though he was talking about me and telling my story. I felt such relief - someone actually understood how I felt. By the following Friday I had an appointment. After three procedures with SilverHawk (one in the right, two in the left leg), I am finally back on the right track. I am pain-free!

I have nothing but praise for my doctor. He listened to me and paid attention to what I was saying.

It's still winter and I haven't had a chance to fully test my legs yet. But, it's amazing now just what I can accomplish. I look forward to mowing the front lawn without having to stop and rest every few minutes.”

Cardiologist S.N. Makam, M.D. -

“After meeting Pete and asking several questions, I knew that we could help relieve his terrible pain. SilverHawk offers my patients, like Pete, an effective, minimally-invasive treatment option for limb-threatening PAD,” says Makam.  “SilverHawk safely removes blockages found in the lower legs without further intervention of a permanent implant.”

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