My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

Patient Daniel Kornelik

Daniel Kornelik -

Calumet City, IL
Maintenance Supervisor, Land 'O Frost

“I was having trouble with my right, lower leg and at the same time had a ruptured disk in my lower back. My right calf muscle was hard as a rock - constantly.

"I'm a maintenance supervisor for Land 'O Frost - a meat packing company - and I have to do a lot of walking and climbing stairs. By the end of the day, I just couldn't bear being on my feet." I even had difficulty mowing the lawn. In my front yard there is a little hill that comes up to the house, and by the time I got through mowing that little area, I was getting leg cramps.

My family practitioner took an ABI Doppler and a CT scan and found minimized blood supply to the right leg. I went to a cardiologist for treatment, but the pain and cramping in my leg continued. Then, I went to go see Dr. Makam. He gave me hope. I can't tell you how happy I was.

The procedure was done at Community Hospital and I was supposed to stay overnight, but after it was done - there was so much of an improvement - I was able to get up and walk - they let me go home that afternoon. I was really surprised that while I still have back problems, I don't have the severe pain I once had. Now I can mow the lawn all I want - no problem!

Prakash Makam, M.D. -

Interventional Cardiologist
Medical Director of Cardiovascular Research for Community Healthcare System

“The SUPERA™ stent, an investigational device may offer an exciting advancement in technology available to treat PAD," said Prakash Makam, M.D., principal investigator in the SUPERB stent trial. "This unique stent has exceptional strength and flexibility for use in difficult to treat areas, such as vessels in the lower thigh and behind the knee."

"The advantage in offering research and the latest advances in PAD technologies is being able to provide a greater range of treatment options to meet the unique needs of each individual's vessel type and blockage," Makam says. "Each of these techniques offers different advantages to treating a variety of vessel sizes and types of blockages that may be encountered.

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