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Happy 4th of July

Issue No. 7July 2010 
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Travel Fitness: A Plan of Action
SpaPointe & Hair Studio
What's Happening
Vacation Bound...
Recipe of the Month
Exercise of the Month
Kids Summer Camp
Tour de Pointe
Zumba Party Highlights

Dates to Remember:
July 3rd - Facility Hours: 6am - 5pm
              (For the Munster 4th of July celebration at Centennial Park)
The Boy Scouts will be parking cars in our lot for the events at the park, including the fireworks.
A section will be reserved for members during our open hours, and members will NOT have to pay the Boy Scout parking fee if the members show their Fitness Pointe membership card
July 4th - Facility Hours: 6am- 12:00pm
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Travel Fitness: A Plan of Action to Keep You Active  
It is easy to let a vacation or business trip destroy your fitness schedule and eating habits, but why let something as rewarding as a vacation or as exciting as a business trip leave you feeling unhealthy upon return?
With a little research and proper planning, you can create an easy-to-follow plan to keep you fit and healthy no matter where you travel, and you can come home feeling more healthy and energized than when you left.
Prepare for Power, No Excuses
If your hotel doesn't offer fitness accommodations, bring along a jump rope and an exercise tube. They are both lightweight and easy to transport. Jumping rope is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, and you can do it anywhere.

With the exercise tube and a prearranged plan to keep you motivated, you can keep your entire body toned and energized without entering a gym or stepping on a piece of exercise equipment. (see the exercise of the month for our featured exercise)

Have Fun
Be sure to enjoy yourself and make the most of the area to which you have traveled. Remember to bring comfortable shoes so that you can easily get a workout while using your feet as your main mode of transportation.

Whether your trip is for business or vacation, remember that you should have some time for yourself every day. Why not dedicate that time to improving your health and making yourself feel better?

Nutrition Road Tips
  • Always drink plenty of water, particularly if you're flying.
  • Conjure up a healthy meal in your mind prior to entering a restaurant, and stick to your plan as closely as possible.
  • Try to eat at least three times per day to keep you from feeling famished and overindulging at any one time.
  • Pick up portable, healthy snacks at a local market so you won't be caught hungry in front of the mini-bar.
  • Go ahead and splurge on regional dishes or local cuisine, but balance your diet by choosing lower-calorie foods at other meals.
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ACE Certified Personal Trainer Certification, Personal Training & Fitness - American Council on Exercise
SpaPointe & Hair Studio
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Spa Pointe Logo
Get Beach-Ready with a
Bikini & Underarm Wax... only $45.00
for both services (regular price: $53.00).
         Must receive both services on same day
         Offer expires July 31, 2010

Give your color the protection it deserves...
20% off Pureology or Brocato hair styling products
with every full color service.
         Products must be purchased same day as service received
         Offer excludes shampoos and conditioners
         Qualifying services include: Full color, Color re-touch, Foil  
          highlights/lowlights, & Corrective color.
         Offer expires July 31, 2010
What's Happening at Fitness Pointe
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Community Education Classes
Tuesday, 7/6 - Lap Band! Is it right for me?
Saturday, 7/10 - Accelerated Lamaze
Sunday, 7/11 - Accelerated Lamaze
Monday-Friday, 7/12-16 - Kids Summer Camp
Saturday, 7/17 - Bridal Shape-Up Workshop
Monday, 7/19 - Yoga's Internal Balancing
Saturday, 7/24 - Teen Lamaze
Sunday, 7/25 - Teen Lamaze
Call 219-836-3477 or 1-866-836-3477 to register
Vacation Bound...
We made it to Gulfport with Brad Rathert and family! While enjoying his time in the pool, Brad enjoyed the gulf view and watch the ship in the distance deliver a shipment of bananas! Yum!

Bring us with you!
Send us your picture from vacation wearing or showing something with Fitness Pointe on it and you will be entered into a raffle drawing at the end of August.  Your picture must show where you are at. (i.e. next to Mickey Mouse, in front of Big Ben, etc.) Plus your picture just might be shared in the 'To The Pointe' newsletter!
Pictures can be sent via e-mail to 
Recipe of the Month 
Dark chocolate SmoreHealthy Grilling
Dark Chocolate Banana S'mores
Complete Recipe
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Nutrition facts per serving: 190 calories, 2g protein, 28g carbohydrate, 8g fat (3.9g saturated), 2g fiber
Originally published in FITNESS magazine,
June 2010.
Exercise of the Month
Resistance Band Squat Press
  • Holding both handles, drop the resistance band on to ground and step on to it with both feet, then bring the handles up to shoulder height. 
  • Position your feet so that they are hip-distance wide and evenly spaced apart.
  • Start the exercise by lowering
    Click to view video demo
    squat press
    down into a squat position, bending at the hips with a straight back, as if you were sitting down in a chair.
  • Complete the exercise by standing up straight, pushing through your heels, and extending the arms upwards in the same movement. Remembering to keep the abdominals engaged by pulling the navel to the spine.
  • If you find this to be too tough, you can extend the arms upwards in the squat position.
  • Complete 12-15 repetitions.
Wanting more information or more 'personal' help. Try a personal trainer today! Stop by the Fitness Desk to find a trainer that's right for you! 
Kids Summer Camp

 July 12-16, 2010

This one-week fun, fitness program will have campers enjoying the following activities:  fitness games/relays, water fun, craft, snack time, interactive play and much more.  Weather permitting, some of the activities will be played outdoors.  All activities are age and  developmentally appropriate.  The Kids Summer Camp is facilitated by certified fitness professionals and may use junior fitness helpers as well.  Space is limited to assure safe instructor/participant ratios.  
Ages: 6-11 years old
Days: Mon-Fri
Hours: 12-4pm
Cost: $110/child
($10 discount for each additional child)

 Note: If your child has special requirements,
(i.e. food allergies/asthma/ allergies)
please contact Foo Samis at: 924-5348 
Tour de Pointe



JULY 11TH - 17TH

          How to participate:

1.    Sign up at Fitness Desk, beginning Thursday, July 8th.

2.   Once the 'Tour' starts, earn ONE stage card PER day by completing ONE Cycle class OR riding 45 minutes (15 min. increments) on designated upright or recumbent bikes.

3.   Upon completion of daily 'stage' workout, see Cycle instructor (after class) or Fitness floor staff to receive/record information into binder.

4.   Not interested in riding? Check out the 'Tour News' bulletin board (located in main hallway) to answer daily trivia questions for a chance to enter raffle.

5.   Once the 'Tour' has ended, all prize winners will be posted.



Zumba Party!!! We had a BLAST!!!


Zumba Party 

 Thank You to EVERYONE for making our first ZUMBA party a HUGE SUCCESS!
 Both the evening and morning parties were fabulous!  

We had OVER 100 movers and shakers dancing to the Zumba beat

 for over a  total of 4 hours burning up to 1000 calories per hour!!!
In Health & Fitness,
Community Hospital Fitness Pointe
Community Hospital Fitness Pointe | 9950 Calumet Ave | Munster | IN | 46321