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August 2012 

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Fitness Pointe Members can take advantage of  Family Day, which occurs on the LAST Sunday of each month from 12pm - 6pm.  For your safety and that of your family member/s, we ask that you update their medical fact sheet prior to your next Family Day visit, if one has not been updated in the past six (6) months.  Medical Fact Sheets are conveniently located at the Front Desk. 





  • Immediate Family Members residing in the same household                 (OR grandchildren) qualify for Family Day Usage.
  • Family Day Guests under 18 must have a legal guardian's signature on the Medical Fact Sheet.
  • Family Day Guests under 16 are only allowed to use the: rowing machines, Lap Pool, Therapy Pool, baseketball court, and indoor/outdoor tracks.
  • Family Day Guests under 16 are NOT allowed to use: cardiovascular equipment, weight lifting equipment, whirlpool, steam, sauna.  
  • Members ARE responsible for the behavior and facility usage of their Family Day Guest and must SUPERVISE Family Day Guests under the age of 16 at ALL times.




NOTE: Members who do NOT comply with the usage rules may have their Family Day privileges revoked.







Recipe of the Month


Five-Spice Turkey & Lettuce Wraps

From: EatingWell


4 servings, 1 1/4 cups filling

for about 6 wraps each

Total Time: 30 minutes



  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup instant brown rice
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 1 pound 93%-lean ground turkey
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
  • 1 large red bell pepper, finely diced
  • 1 8-ounce can water chestnuts, rinsed and chopped
  • 1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons hoisin sauce, (see Note)
  • 1 teaspoon five-spice powder, (see Note)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 heads Boston lettuce, leaves separated
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh herbs, such as cilantro, basil, mint and/or chives
  • 1 large carrot, shredded


  1. Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add rice; reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat.
  2. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Add turkey and ginger; cook, crumbling with a wooden spoon, until the turkey is cooked through, about 6 minutes. Stir in the cooked rice, bell pepper, water chestnuts, broth, hoisin sauce, five-spice powder and salt; cook until heated through, about 1 minute.
  3. To serve, divide lettuce leaves among plates, spoon some of the turkey mixture into each leaf, top with herbs and carrot and roll into wraps.

Tips & Notes

  • Make Ahead Tip: Prepare the filling (through Step 2), cover and refrigerate for up to 1 day. Serve cold or reheat in the microwave.
  • Notes: Hoisin sauce is a spicy, sweet sauce made from soybeans, chiles, garlic and spices. It will keep in the refrigerator for at least a year.
  • Often a blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel seed, star anise and Szechuan peppercorns, five-spice powder was originally considered a cure-all miracle blend encompassing the five elements (sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, salty). Look for it in the supermarket spice section.


Per serving: 285 calories; 11 g fat ( 3 g sat , 1 g mono );

66 mg cholesterol; 24 g carbohydrates; 0 g added sugars; 26 g protein; 5 g fiber; 543 mg sodium; 390 mg potassium.


Nutrition Bonus: Vitamin A (150% daily value), Vitamin C (140% dv), Iron (25% dv), Folate (20% dv).

Carbohydrate Servings: 1


1/2 starch, 2 vegetable, 3 lean meat


SpaPointe Specials


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It's NOT too late

to get the









Group Exercise News


Congratulations to our Tour De Pointe winners:


The following members

completed all 7 stages:

Joe Boton, Carey Corriero, Monica Hardy, Sharon Jeziorski, Susan Juister, Ginny Miceli, Vasantha Palaniappan, and William Russell. 


The following are raffle drawing winners:


Nissa Conaway, Pam Dooley, Michelle Fejes, Delores Jones, Beth Sigeti, April Vandermeyden, and Sue Ward. 




Prizes can be picked up

at the fitness desk.





Saturday, August 18th

10:30am - Noon

on the Outdoor Patio 






Come as you are,

stay as long as you'd like.





COACH Fitness is an EXCELLENT alternative to one-on-one personal training.  Fitness Pointe's small group COACH Fitness program offers the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of private sessions.


Whether it be for fat loss, general fitness conditioning, workout variety, or elite level athletics, the added motivation of having others working out with you pushes you to a new effort level.  Train with friends, family, or even co-workers! Start your own group or join one of ours.

  • 8 week sessions
  • Once a week
  • 55 minutes in length 

Session #4 begins on

Sunday, August 19th.


Registration starts

Sunday, August 12th


 Pool Class Etiquette

An aquatic group fitness class provides a guided workout and the camaraderie of exercising with others. Observing basic etiquette allows you and the other participants to get an effective, enjoyable workout from the class. Below are some 'Etiquette Guidelines' that many facilities, including Fitness Pointe, request that you observe so that all participants can have a fun, enjoyable, positive aquatic exercise class experience.

1. Ready, Set, GO!!

Arriving on time to class allows everyone to start promptly without interruptions. Participants who arrive late disrupt the class whether or not it is already underway. In addition, coming to class late puts you at risk for injury if you miss the warm up portion of the aquatic exercise class.  


2. Be a Good Example

To get the most fitness benefits from the class, you need to be aware of the class instructions provided by our credentialed aquatic instructors. To best accomplish this, focus on the instructor and participate in the aquatic class to the best of your ability. Set a good example of proper etiquette by limiting the time you spend talking to others in the class, as this will not only decrease the fitness benefits you receive, but can also disrupt the learning environment of those around you.    

3. Individual Needs Welcome

Aquatic exercise classes involve a wide range of exercises and movements, some of which require a significant amount of space and/or traveling, which may not be appropriate for all participants. Aquatic class participants with individual/special needs are encouraged to always work at their own pace and position themselves in the class to provide the safest environment for themselves, as well as the other class participants. Our experienced aquatic staff can assist in making additional class recommendations, should you need. 


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