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Aqua Group Class Descriptions

Aqua Bootcamp-55 min.- Aqua Bootcamp class provides both whole group and circuit formats. Exercises are performed with a high level of effort and intensity using interval training and the popular TABATA technique. This class targets cardiovascular and muscle conditioning while in an aquatic environment.

Aqua Dance-25 min.-Have fun working out in the pool while dancing to various genres of music such as Polka, Country, Latin, Oldies and much more.

Aqua II-55 min.-These classes incorporate a wide variety of class formats (aerobic to toning), with or without water equipment (resistance cuffs, noodles, etc.) and a range from shallow to deep water.

Aqua Pilates-40 min.-Learn to challenge stability and increase core strength.  Pilates principles will be implemented and adapted for the water.

Aqua Tone-40 min.-A well rounded muscle toning workout using water resistance equipment such as noodles, paddles, kick boards and hand buoys as well as the natural resistance provided by the water.  This is the perfect place to start an exercise program or for those individuals transitioning from a rehab or therapy program.

Deep Water-55 min.-A GREAT non-impact aerobics class using water equipment such as noodles, buoyancy belts and resistance cuffs. Buoyancy belts provided.  No swimming skills required.

Flowlates-40 min.-A simple exercise and relaxation program performed using a combination of deep breathing and slow movements of the arms, legs and torso. Pilates/Tai Chi principles will be implemented and adapted for the water.

Gentle Joints-40 min.-This warm water class is perfect for individuals looking to improve their strength and flexibility using the water's buoyancy properties. Gentle Joints will incorporate Yoga principles adapted for the water.

Class Cancellation Policy-classes may be cancelled due to one of the following reasons:

1. Single class with less than 2 participants will be determined by Instructor.
2. Classes with less than 5 participants over a three (3) month period may be cancelled until further notice.

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