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Class Pass Descriptions

Aqua Bootcamp - 55 minutes - This class provides both whole group and circuit formats. Exercises are performed with a high level of effort and intensity using interval training and the popular TABATA technique. This class targets cardiovascular and muscle conditioning while in an aquatic environment.
Aqua II - 55 minutes - These classes use a wide variety of class formats (aerobic to toning) with or without water equipment such as resistance cuffs, noodles, etc. and range from shallow to deep water.
Aqua Pilates - 40 minutes - This warm water class is perfect for individuals with arthritis looking to improve their strength and flexibility using the water's buoyancy properties.  Joseph Pilates techniques will be included for a well-rounded workout.
Aqua Tone - 40 minutes - Water movement exercises combined with muscle toning and range of motion exercises for the perfect limited impact workout.    This is a perfect place to start an exercise program or for those individuals transitioning from a rehab or therapy program.
Balance Training 101 - 25 minutes - This class introduces fundamental balance exercises for individuals who have never taken a balance class. Participants will work in stable and unstable postures to train their vestibular systems and enhance their balance.
Better (B.) Bottoms - 40 minutes - Looking to firm up your bottom this year? This class is perfect for you. A non-stop exercise program targeting muscles for your lower half. Hips, Thighs, Buttocks, Calvas and of course, the Core will be targeted. Tuesday/Thursday 5:00pm = 25 minutes.
Bike & Tone - 55 minutes - Using the upright stationary bikes, you will cycle for 40 minutes and tone up those muscles with light resistance equipment for an additional 15 minutes.  Great total body workout! *Sign-up required at Fitness Desk.
Cardio + - 25 minutes - A fun, intense cardio workout using a variety of styles and techniques.
Chair Dance - 25 minutes - Enjoy a fun, total body exercise experience to music from a variety of decades while seated in a chair.
Core & More - 25 minutes - This intense workout targets all the muscles of the core (abdominals, back, hip and glutes).
Cycle - 55 minutes - Upright stationary bike workout.  A great calorie burner and lower body muscle shaper class!  *Sign-up required at Fitness Desk.
CycleFit - 55 minutes - This fusion class taught by a Crossfit Certified instructor, will integrate a W.O.D. (workout of the day) based on Crossfit training with a full body cycle challenge. *Sign-up required At Fitness Desk.
Dance & Tone - 45 minutes - This fun and engaging class will combine Jazz, Ballet and Belly Dancing to provide overall physical activity and to tone and firm the muscles without the bulk of lifting weights.
Deep Water - 55 minutes - A GREAT non-impact aerobics class using water equipment (noodles, buoyancy belts, aqua cuffs).  It is a perfect class for those with any joint limitations.  Buoyancy belts provided. 
Functional Living Exercises for Everyone (F.L.E.E.) - 45 minutes - This class incorporates exercises to strengthen your muscles as well as improve balance, coordination, posture and agility. Props such as light hand weights, balls and bands will be utilized for best results.
Functional Living Yoga (F.L.Y.) - 45 minutes - Experience the beauty of yoga while seated then standing with chair for support.  Learn to relax and enhance your body, breath and mind with Hatha Yoga and meditations. The last 20 minutes of class is devoted to balance stances and meditation.
Flowlates - 40 minutes - A simple exercise and relaxation program performed using a combination of deep breathing and slow movements of the arms, legs and torso.  Pilates/Tai Chi principles will be implemented and adapted for the water.
Gentle Joints - 40 minutes - This warm water class is perfect for individuals looking to improve their strength and flexibility using the water’s buoyancy properties. Class will incorporate Yoga principles.
H.I.T. - 55 minutes - High Intensity Training (HIT) classes provide both whole group and circuit formats. Exercises are performed with a high level of effort and intensity using techniques such as metabolic conditioning, interval training and the popular TABATA technique.
Hatha Blend - 50 minutes - A hybrid between different styles of yoga incorporating strength, flexibility and alignment to create a challenging yet safe practice.  This class includes a flow section linking one movement into the next focusing on strengthening your body as well as holding the poses to increase flexibility. 
Meditation Yoga - 55 minutes - A beginning Hatha Yoga class that promotes inner peace and balance through breath and meditation.
Meditation Yoga II - 55 minutes - This class is ideal for the Intermediate yoga participant.
Pilates - 55 minutes - Based on the theories of Joseph Pilates, this unique stretching and strengthening program will improve your alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility through specific mat work exercises that focus on abdominal control and pelvic stability.  A Great way to add variety to your workouts! 
Pilates Plus - 55 minutes - This class takes you to the next “core training” level by incorporating techniques to ensure proper body and spinal alignment. Exercises will move in progression and flexibility is integrated utilizing a variety of equipment.
Pilates Sculpt - 55minutes - The class expands upon the principles of beginner Pilates and progresses towards more advanced techniques while incorporating weights, balls and bands.
R.I.P.P.E.D. - 55 minutes - This total body, high intensity plateau proof program utilizes free weights, resistance and body weight exercises. 
R.I.P.P.E.D. = Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics and Endurance. Monday 11am = 40 minutes; Monday 4pm = 25 minutes.
Restorative Yoga - 55 minutes - This class uses props and postures to restore and heal the body/mind, as well as breath and body work to open areas such as the back, hips and shoulders.  Bring 2 towels of your own and wear loose comfortable clothing.
Tai Chi-Beginner Form - 25 minutes - This class is a prerequisite to the advanced class.  An ancient Chinese martial arts form of meditation that combines mental concentration, slow breathing, and fluid movements to increase chi (life energy).  *A new class will begin every 12 months, you may join at any time (note:Instructor will not re-teach any previously taught forms).
Upper Body (U.B) Blast - 40 minutes - This muscle conditioning class targets the abs, back, shoulder, biceps and triceps utilizing compound, interval and TABATA techniques.
Virtual Cycle - 55 minutes - These workouts incorporate hills, valleys, racing, flat terrain and much more in a way never experienced before.  
*Sign-up required at Fitness Desk as seats are limited and attendance is taken at all virtual classes. Intro. Virtual Cycle = 45 minutes                     
Yoga Flow - 55 minutes - This class will begin and end with traditional yoga poses and will incorporate fluid yoga sequences for increased muscle tone.  Participants will achieve peace of mind and spirit while receiving fitness benefits associated with this style of yoga.
Yoga - 50 minutes - A beginning Hatha Yoga workout to enhance muscle and body control, conditioning, relaxation, breathing and all around well-being. 
Yogilates - 40 minutes - An exciting new style of yoga that integrates the techniques of Joseph Pilates with Hatha Yoga.  Participants will discover how to use their breath, proper alignment and “hidden powerhouse” to achieve greater results.
ZUMBA - Join the hottest dance workout craze in the comforts of your ‘own’ club.  Our certified ZUMBA instructors will have you doing the salsa, cha-cha, meringue and much more to the driving Latin rhythms of ZUMBA.

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