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Advanced Treatment Options for PAD

A cool laser to vaporize plaque (CliRpath® or Cool Laser Revascularization for Peripheral Artery Therapy). The cool laser treatment vaporizes blockages - especially below the knee where the arteries are small and narrow. The cool laser catheter delivers rapid and continuous bursts of ultraviolet energy to the target site eliminating the obstruction without damage to the surrounding artery. Unlike other lasers, this "cool" laser does not burn.

Angioplasty and Stents to restore blood flow to the legs. A common procedure used for PAD is balloon angioplasty. A balloon at the tip of a catheter is inflated inside the artery to block blood flow while a stent, a small wire mesh tube, is expanded inside the vessel to keep the walls open.

Shaving the plaque away using a device called SilverHawk. A guidewire is threaded into the diseased leg artery to direct the SilverHawk device into place. Then, at a very high rotation per minute, the device works by shaving plaque from the artery wall and pushing it into a nosecone for collection and removal from the body.

Pulverizing plaque using a device that rotates at a high rate of speed (Diamondback 360â„¢ Orbital Atherectomy System). The Diamondback technology enables a physician to "sand away" hard plaque and calcium deposits, which are fatty materials that builds up on the inside walls of blood vessels.

Prakash Makam, M.D.

Prakash Makam, M.D., cardiologist and medical director of Cardiovascular Research for Community Healthcare System, serves as the principle investigator for many clinical research studies involving PAD. He also teaches and mentors other physicians in the latest techniques and treatments available for PAD, including live broadcasts of cases performed at Community Hospital.

PAD Rehabilitation

Exercise therapy has been proven to help some of the painful symptoms of PAD, as well as increase overall cardiovascular health. Our three to six-month PAD Rehabilitation program features three days per week of exercise as well as an extensive educational program related to PAD prevention and treatment. The program is offered through Phase 3 Cardiac Rehabilitation at Lake Business Center in Munster. Call (219) 934-2830 for more information.