Date: 2/25/2008

Community Hospital named among HealthGrades America’s 50 Best Hospitals for 2008

Community Hospital in Munster announced today that its superior clinical performance ranks it among America’s 50 Best Hospitals, according to HealthGrades, the nation’s leading independent healthcare ratings company. Community Hospital is the only hospital in Indiana to achieve this national ranking.

The HealthGrades America’s 50 Best Hospitals designation is the only national hospital quality rating based solely on clinical outcomes, recognizing hospitals that have demonstrated superior clinical quality over an eight-year time period.

HealthGrades analyzed tens of millions of Medicare patient records from 1999-2006 to identify this elite group of world class facilities. These hospitals have achieved higher survival rates and lower complication rates, not in just one or two clinical specialties, but across 27 different medical procedures and diagnoses, from cardiac care to orthopedic surgery, consistently ranking among the top five percent in the nation for overall clinical outcomes.

“Northwest Indiana should take great pride in Community Hospital being named to America’s 50 Best Hospitals,” said Donald Fesko, Administrator of Community Hospital. “This record of outstanding care is a real credit to the hard work and dedication of the community that built this hospital, and of the doctors, hospital staff and volunteers who have hardwired excellence into everything they do.”

The recipients of HealthGrades America’s 50 Best Hospitals were selected by identifying those hospitals that have also received the HealthGrades Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical ExcellenceTM the most consecutive times from 2008 and previous years. Community Hospital has received this prestigious national quality award from HealthGrades for the past five years, 2004-2008.

“When we tell our patients there really is no better place to trust for your medical care we can not only speak from our personal experience, but from the knowledge that an outside organization has found our patient outcomes to be consistently among the best in America,” said Marc Levin, M.D., President of the Community Hospital Medical Staff.

In its most recent clinical study, issued on January 31, HealthGrades analyzed tens of millions of Medicare patient records from 4,971 hospitals over a three-year period (2004-2006). HealthGrades found that patients admitted to Distinguished Hospitals are, on average, 27 percent more likely to survive and five percent less likely to have a major complication. HealthGrades also estimates that if all patients were treated at Distinguished Hospitals, 171,424 lives could have been saved and 9,671 post-operative complications could have been avoided during the three years studied. This is consistent with Distinguished Hospital studies conducted in previous years.

“It is one thing to say you are committed to quality care, and it is quite another to be able to deliver what you promise,” said John Gorski, Senior Vice President of Hospital Operations for the Community Healthcare System. “This 50 Best Hospital award achieved by Community Hospital, together with the Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence achieved by St. Catherine Hospital and the Distinguished Hospital for Patient Safety achieved by St. Mary Medical Center are clear indications that the hospitals of the Community Healthcare System delivers on our pledge: Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Care.”