Date: 7/22/2009

U.S. Army Freedom Team Salutes Community Hospital Employee Efforts

Pictured with some of the committee members are Community Hospital CEO Don Fesko (back row, center) and Freedom Team Salute Ambassador Paul Kruger (back row, right).

Generous donations on the part of Community Hospital employees have helped to brighten the lives of men and women serving overseas and earn them one of the U.S. Army’s high honors for their efforts. Members of Community Hospital’s Community Connects committee were presented with the Freedom Team Salute award July 8 for outstanding contributions to the men and women overseas.

Freedom Team Salute Ambassador Paul Kruger was on hand to personally present the awards to committee members who worked on the Hearts for Heroes program at Community Hospital this past February. On Valentine’s Day, members sold decorated paper hearts to hospital staff, raising more than $800. The proceeds were used to send more than 25 care packages to military personnel overseas. Recipients are family members or friends of Community Hospital employees. This is the third year that the Community Connects group has conducted its Hearts for Heroes program, shipping more than 70 packages overseas altogether.

“The Freedom Team Salute award recognizes soldiers, their spouses, and the broader community for making the lives of servicemen and women better through efforts such as this,” Kruger says.

Members of Community Hospital’s Community Connects committee that have been recognized by the U.S. Army with the Freedom Team Salute award for their efforts on behalf of the men and women serving overseas include: Sherry Benson, Community Hospital Outpatient Center — St. John; Tina Campbell, Marketing; Annette Costica, Community Surgery Center; Gayle Czarnik, Engineering; Pattie Dobin, Cardiac Cath Lab; Mary Sue Dolan, Laboratory; Juliet Dominguez, Medical Transcription; Madelyn Dunn, Home Health; Kit Edwards, Finance; Kevin Engelbrecht, Clinical Engineering; Michelle Gessert, Physical Therapy; Margie Giorgi, Central Sterilizing; Milka Glumac, Quality Management; Michelle Griffin, Cardiology; Cecelia Guillen, Social Services; Sharon Hefty, Laboratory; Monica Hoffman, Cancer Resource Centre; Kathy Johnson, Corporate Compliance; Constance Jusko, IRB/Bio Ethics; Linda Katsinis, Food & Nutrition Services; Doris Kennedy, Educational Services; Janet Kozak, Registration; Linda Kruszynski, Human Resources; Jana Lacera, IRB/Bio Ethics; Jean Luedtke, Patient Financial Services; Nancy Moser, Corporate Compliance; Teresa Nava, Laboratory; Paula Nellans, Auxiliary; Kristle Ondo, Cost & Reimbursement; Barbara Pennington, Education Services; Elizabeth Sasse, Cancer Research Foundation; Lorraine Sharpe, Same Day Surgery; Helen Torres, Laboratory; Lisa Ward, Patient Financial Services; Rosemary Wasielewski, Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Clinics; Elizabeth Yee, Clinical Ancillary Services and Joan Zivich, Library.