Date: 2/15/2001

Munster Civic Foundation pledges $250,000 to Community Veterans Memorial

The Community Veterans Memorial Committee announced today that the Munster Civic Foundation has pledged $250,000 toward the construction and maintenance of The Community Veterans Memorial.

At its January meeting, Civic Foundation board members presented the second installment of the pledge - $77,500 - to the Veterans Memorial Committee. The rest of the pledge will be honored on a quarterly basis.

“We are happy to forge this partnership and contribute to a cause that touches the hearts of so many veterans and citizens in the area. This truly is a community-wide effort, and we are honored to be a part of it,” said Munster Civic Foundation Board of Directors Member Helen Brown.

The Community Veterans Memorial is planned for a 6.5-acre plot of land bordered by Calumet, Columbia and Superior avenues in southwest Munster. The land was donated by The Community Hospital. The park will include memorial stations for all four major military conflicts that shaped the 20th century: World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam. The stations will be marked by large bronze and granite sculptures that incorporate actual wartime artifacts from each war, all set amidst landscaping that reflects rugged terrains and war-torn lands. A memorial brick pathway will lead throughout the park.

Donations for the $1.2 million park are still being accepted via two different programs. The memorial brick program provides a memorial brick for the pathway in honor or memory of a veteran for a donation of $50 (4x8 brick) or $100 (8x8 brick). Cash donations toward construction and maintenance are accepted for any amount. For order forms or more information, visit or call 219-836-4582.

Cutline: At its January meeting, The Munster Civic Foundation donated $77,500 to the Community Veterans Memorial Committee toward the construction and maintenance of the memorial park planned to open in Munster in the fall. The donation is part of a $250,000 pledge the Munster Civic Foundation has made to the veterans war memorial fund. Pictured left to right are: Don Johnson, memorial project director; Steve Pestikas, Muster Civic Foundation Board of Directors and veterans committee member; Niall McShane, Munster Civic Foundation board member; Edward P. Robinson, co-chair, veterans committee; Donald S. Powers, co-chair, veterans committee; Helen Brown, Munster Civic Foundation Board of Directors; David Nellans, Munster Civic Foundation Board of Directors and veterans committee member; David Shafer, Munster Civic Foundation Board of Directors; John Hluska, Munster Civic Foundation Board of Directors; and Ron Millies, Munster Civic Foundation board member. Not pictured for the Munster Civic Foundation Board: Thomas DeGuilio (also veterans committee member); Eugene Feingold; Jim Eidam; Dr. Susan Gailmard; and Tom Stine. Not pictured for the veterans committee: George Bone; Eliseo Castaneda; Peter Chang; Clyde Colgrove; Paul Doherty; Betty Erickson; John Friend; John Latko; Elaine Olson; Judge James J. Richards; Donald Sands; John Sarnecki; Harold Simpson; Palmer C. Singleton, Jr.; Garnett F. Watson; and Joe Williamson.

For more information about the Community Veterans Memorial, please visit or call 219-836-4582.