Date: 7/28/2008

Children’s Book helps Older Siblings adjust to Family’s New Baby

Bringing a new baby into a household is an adjustment no matter what the circumstances. But with an older sibling already at home, bringing an infant into the mix can create an unfamiliar situation for all involved.

A new children’s book is designed to help older siblings adjust to life with a new baby brother or sister. One side of the book is called “No One Ever Said a Brand-New Brother Would Be Fun!” with the reverse side titled “No One Ever Said a Brand-New Sister Would Be Fun!”

Authored by Jane Bomberger, the book will be distributed to parents whose babies are born at the hospitals of Community Healthcare System — Community Hospital in Munster, St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago and St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart. The book also will be on sale at the gift shops of the three hospitals, where new parents may obtain a set of stuffed animals that plays an integral part in the story.

The book tells the story of a mother and father who are at the hospital for their baby’s birth. At home a pet frog has polliwogs and the family dog, Mumsy, delivers a litter of puppies ¬— Midnight and Butterscotch. The message touches on the anxiety, adjustment, acceptance and eventual love a family experiences during the arrival of a little one.

“This is a book the family can sit down and read together,” Bomberger said. “We want families to succeed.”

Along with the 70 pages of text, preschool and elementary-level children can learn and have fun with the activity pages that include puzzles, mazes and a sticker page. A plastic storage pouch has been built into the book.

A portion of the proceeds will support the charitable and educational endeavors of Community Healthcare System. Limited editions of the book also are printed in Spanish.

“Community Healthcare System is pleased to make a meaningful new book available for the children of Northwest Indiana,” said Donald S. Powers, Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana President and CEO. “It sends a message about the importance of a cohesive family unit from the time babies are born and also helps promote literacy through its many activity pages.”

Contributing to the book project were graphic designer Joseph Gonzalez, illustrator Michelle Vasquez, educational consultant Cindi Rucinski, and Spanish translator Dr. Linda Elman.