Date: 4/26/2010

Athletes get Gold Medal Workout with New Technology at Community Hospital Fitness Pointe®

Semi-professional basketball player David Carson of Gary is back on the court after slam-dunking rehabilitation for a knee injury with the help of new software technology called Dartfish®.

Area athletes can rehabilitate injuries quicker and train in a way that has led U.S. Olympic teams to gold with new software technology, called Dartfish®, available at Community Hospital Fitness Pointe® in Munster. Fitness Pointe is the medically-based fitness center that helps individuals achieve life-long health and wellness through innovative, quality programs, highly-credentialed staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

Dartfish® highlights athletic movements then combines them with video feedback to help area athletes rehabilitate injuries quicker and customize their performance training. Using video processing technologies known as SimulCam and StroMotion, the computer program provides instant visual feedback of their body movement that can help improve biomechanics, performance and prevent further injury.

“Patients in physical therapy typically go through a long healing process and this makes it easier,” says Amy Castillo, MPT, board-certified sports specialist at Community Hospital Fitness Pointe. “We’re able to break down our patient’s movements, frame-by-frame, correct them and get them on the road to recovery much sooner.”

Dartfish® can speed up rehabilitation by pointing out what is being done incorrectly, measuring body movement and placing it side-by-side with the proper way. A side-by-side comparison with before and after shots enables them to view the progress of their treatment, correct incorrect movements behind the pain, making the healing process quicker, and tailor an individualized treatment plan for their body.

“When they can see it, it is in their mind and they can better understand what the therapist is saying — it reinforces communication with our patients,” Castillo says.

The innovative Dartfish® technology is available exclusively through the physical therapy department of Community Hospital Fitness Pointe®, 9950 Calumet Avenue in Munster, with a doctor’s referral.

For more information about the programs and services available through Community Hospital Fitness Pointe, call 219-934-2840.

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