Date: 5/4/2010

Community Hospital Fitness Pointe team places FIRST in 2010 World Rowing Challenge

The annual Row-a-Thon was held Sat., April l0 at Fitness Pointe with 38 participants who rowed a total of 305,000 meters to contribute to the team’s first place finish as CHAMPIONS of the 2010 World Rowing Challenge.

Members of Community Hospital Fitness Pointe™’s rowing team have been named champions of the 2010 World Rowing competition. Overall, the rowing team placed first, with a whopping 28,530,649 meters, besting some 221 other teams from around the globe.

This year’s World Rowing Challenge attracted 3,839 international participants. Locally, the rowing challenge took place March 15 to April 15 at the medically-based fitness center, 9950 Calumet Avenue in Munster. The 205 Fitness Pointe participants - comprised of health facility members and cardiac rehabilitation patients - averaged some 139,174 meters.

“We are so very proud of our team,” said Nikki Sarkisian, fitness facility supervisor for Fitness Pointe. “There have been some significant personal achievements along the way.”

Octagenarian Lucy Magnetta of Schererville averaged some 282,883 meters.

Magnetta said she admires the determination of her fellow competitors because she understands what it takes to end up in first place.

“I started out slow, but with persistence, I was able to keep rowing and worked up to 10,000 meters per day,” Magnetta said.

As for the male participants, 91-year old Joe Neverauskos finished with 233,244 meters and his 13-year old grandson, Joey Topor (the youngest participant) averaged 8,020 meters.

Seven Fitness Pointe team rowers were recognized as being among the World Rowing Challenge’s Top 10 following this year’s competition. In the men’s division: Gary DeYoung placed fourth overall; Joe Arias placed fifth overall; Jerry Sabo placed seventh overall. In the women’s division, Judy Abbott placed first overall; Laurie Yothment placed sixth overall; Pat Kaczmarczyk placed seventh overall and Evelyn Nelson placed tenth overall.

Also, seven team members rowed more than one million meters each: Gary DeYoung, Joe Arias, Jerry Sabo, Judy Abbott, MacDaniel Adams, Bill Westerfield and Shailesh Bhatt.

Another component of the competition, the annual Row-a-Thon was held on Saturday, April l0 with 38 participants who rowed a total of 305,000 meters.

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