Date: 11/12/2001

Community Hospital introduces urgent care in St. John

When it’s late and the doctor’s office is closed, residents in south Lake County and the Chicago suburbs bordering Indiana can take comfort in knowing there’s an urgent care facility nearby.

Urgent Care is one of the services that will be provided at the new The Community Hospital Outpatient Centre in St. John, located on U.S. 41 immediately south of 97th Lane. The Outpatient Centre will open Monday, Nov. 19, 2001, following a public Open House planned from 1-4 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 18.

The 69,000-square foot Outpatient Centre will also feature physician offices, a complete lab, diagnostic testing, including MRI, CT, cardiac noninvasive testing, ultrasound, X-ray, and mammography.
Urgent Care, which features 11 exam rooms as well as lab and X-ray, will be staffed by Community Care Center family practice physicians who treat patients at the St. John facility: Mark Feldner, M.D.; Cherian Mathews, M.D.; Alonzo Morrissey, M.D.; Ken Reed, D.O.; and Leslie Stork, M.D.

Urgent care is an important part of the Outpatient Centre as it improves the access area residents have to after-hours medical care in their community, said Mark Feldner, M.D., a family practitioner and medical director of the Outpatient Centre. Services will be provided from
6 – 10 p.m., Monday – Friday; from 2 – 10 p.m., Saturday; and from 12-5 p.m. Sundays and holidays.

“This center is open to patients of all ages and regardless of whether their primary care physician practices here,” Feldner says. “If patients come to urgent care and don’t have a doctor, we can make a referral. If they already have a family doctor, we treat them and urge them to follow up with their own physician.”


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Urgent care offers immediate medical attention for many of life’s ailments, but it does not replace emergency medicine. “It is the equivalent of care you’d receive from your family doctor, except it is offered after normal business hours,” Feldner said. “The Outpatient Centre takes this one step further, however, providing urgent care patients with access to full lab and X-ray services if necessary.”

Patients seeking treatment for chest pains, cardiac conditions, strokes, severe respiratory conditions, or any other symptoms that would likely lead to a hospital admission should still go directly to a hospital emergency department, Feldner said.

“In an emergency, time is of essence,” Feldner said. “People experiencing symptoms of a heart attack, stroke or severe respiratory attack of some sort should always seek emergency medical attention first.”

Any patients who have questions regarding whether urgent care meets their needs are welcome and urged to call before coming. Appointments are not necessary; walk-in patients are treated on a triage basis, meaning the sickest patients will be seen first.

“It’s been our experience that the sooner a patient can be seen, the happier they are with the service. This, combined with the outstanding level of care and the comfortable atmosphere of the Outpatient Centre, translates to the highest quality medical care around,” Feldner says.