Date: 5/18/2012

Fitness Pointe Rowers 3-X Intl Champs

For the third year in a row, Community Hospital Fitness Pointe® rowing team has been named world champions racking up some 21 million meters and out-oaring 250 other teams from around the globe in the indoor competition.

Members of Community Hospital Fitness Pointe® rowing team have been named champions of the 2012 World Rowing competition. Overall the rowing team placed first, with a whopping 21,322,850 meters, besting 250 other teams from around the globe. It is the third consecutive first place win for the Fitness Pointe team.

This year’s World Rowing Challenge, sponsored by Concept2 — manufacturer of indoor rowing equipment - attracted 3,711 international participants. Locally, the indoor rowing challenge took place March 15 to April 15 at the medically-based fitness center, 9950 Calumet Avenue in Munster. The 254 Fitness Pointe participants - comprised of health facility members and cardiac rehabilitation patients - averaged some 93,948 meters apiece.

“It is a great accomplishment to win the World title three years in a row - a three-peat,” said Nikki Sarkisian, fitness facility supervisor for Fitness Pointe. “We are so very proud of our team and their personal efforts along the way.”

Three team members rowed more than one million meters: Mac Daniel Adams (1,602,899); Judy Abbott (1,375,052) and John Bracik (1,056,896). Adams performance earned fourth place overall among the World Rowing Challenge Top 10 Rowers in the men’s division. Abbott was declared first place overall among the Top Women Rowers.

According to Abbott, she started training in September so that on the first day of the challenge, she was ready to start right in and row for hours and hours.

“It’s quite a commitment,” explains Abbott, “but the rowers on our team have a great camaraderie. I enjoy it and if I can, I will do it again next year.”

Five Fitness Pointe team members rowed more than half a million meters: John Neighbors (725,333), Evelyn Nelson (615,413), Shenaz Keshvan (604,816), Franco Molinaro (550,024) and Pat Kaczmarczyk (530,071).

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