Date: 3/25/2013

Know Your Number: Get Test to help Manage Weight at Special Rate

Frustrated dieters can now take the guesswork out of calorie counting and workout scheduling. A simple, non-invasive 12-minute test can tell you how many calories your body burns in one day while at rest. The test is available at Community Hospital Fitness Pointe® in Munster for a special rate during the month of April.

Offered to both Fitness Pointe members and non-members, the resting metabolic rate (RMR) test allows you to make more informed choices and help you manage your weight. Your RMR number is the building block for a personalized action plan of diet and exercise. It’s an important number to know, since 70 percent of calorie burn-off happens while the body is at rest. The concept is simple: if you know how many calories you burn at rest, you can then determine how many calories you can take in to maintain your weight — or to gain or to lose.

As you rest in a reclining chair, a padded clamp is placed on your nose. This clamp ensures that all the air you are breathing is coming in and out of your mouth only. You need to breathe into a tube for 12-minutes while relaxing as the machine calculates your RMR. Since it takes oxygen to burn energy, the amount of oxygen your body uses in 12 minutes tells how much energy or calories you are burning. Total appointment length is 40 minutes. After machine analysis of the breath for 12 minutes, a fitness professional will explain the results of the test and provide recommendations for achieving your goals.

A RMR test is offered to Fitness Pointe members during the month of April for a special rate of $39 (regularly $49). Non-Fitness Pointe members also can schedule the RMR test for $59 (regularly $69) during April. Test must be completed within 30 days from the date of purchase. Call the Fitness Assessment department at 219-924-5348 to make an appointment.