Date: 6/10/2014

Fitness Pointe® Members Row, Row, Row into First Place in World

Community Hospital’s Fitness Pointe® team has captured first place in the 2014 World Rowing competition. This is the fifth consecutive year the Fitness Pointe team has earned the title.

For a fifth consecutive year, members of the Community Hospital Fitness Pointe® team have been named champions of the World Rowing competition. Overall the team placed first, this time rowing a whopping 21,354,799 meters.

Sponsored by Concept2, a manufacturer of indoor rowing equipment, the challenge took place March 15 to April 15 at the medically-based fitness center, 9950 Calumet Avenue. Some 226 rowers, comprised of health facility members and cardiac rehabilitation patients, participated, along with 52 new rowers, to keep the title in Munster.

“We are proud to call our team ‘champions’ and appreciate their personal efforts to strive to be their very best,” said Nikki Sarkisian, fitness facility supervisor for Fitness Pointe. “It takes commitment, endurance, strength and stamina to earn this title one time and our team has done that five-times over.”

Team members Judy Abbott (Munster), Franco Molinaro (St. John) and Gary DeYoung (Munster) rowed more than one million meters. With 1,721,000 meters, DeYoung came in 1st place overall nationwide, out of 4,254 participants.

Five members of the Fitness Pointe team rowed more than 500,000 meters: John Neighbors, Griffith (711,107); William Russell, Dyer (620,507); Kimberly Jenkins, Munster (561, 215); Ed Lebryk, Munster (548,000) and Evelyn Nelson of Lansing (536,603).

Twenty participants rowed more than 200,000 meters including: John Bracik, Lynwood; Monty Walker, Cedar Lake; Anna Konda, Munster; Brad Rathert, Munster; Jerry Sabo, Highland, Jamie Montanez, Highland; MacDaniel Adams, Hammond; Pattie Dobin, Cedar Lake; Stephen Shu, Schererville; Dan Chapman, Munster; Pat Kaczmarcyk, Dyer; Ron Cimarolli, Calumet City; Joe Arias, Schererville; Joe Neverauskas, Munster; Sue Arias, Schererville; Diane Bragiel, Munster; Ken Eggebrecht, Calumet City; Marty Puzon, Schererville; Mary Jo Saksa, Munster and Barbara Williams, Hammond.

Thirty-three participants rowed more than 100,000 meters including: Diana Hector, Schererville; Jon Furdek, Munster; Ken Anderson, Schererville; Jo Ban, Chicago; Sherry Hrisinko, Munster; Dick Ban, Chicago; Don Harmon, Dyer; Jim Pillarella, Munster; Janet Gremba, Lansing; Adolph Ferber, Schererville; Jeff Pashen, Schererville; Donna Manous, Munster; Victor Haupt, Lansing; Mike Illjanich, Munster; Tony Yvanakus, Crete; Carl Markstone, Crown Point; Donald Padilla, Dyer; Tom Pilewski, Lansing; Chuck Zondor, St. John; George Korthauer, Dyer; Jerry Stokes, Griffith; Nancy Weinberg, Munster; Shailash Bhatt, Munster; Bonny Bishop, Highland; Bill Westfield, Munster; Sandy Franczak, St. John; Lynda Neighbors, Griffith; Don Visnack, Munster and John Bonner, Munster. In addition, nonagenarian Lucy Magnetta of Schererville logged in 104,483 meters.

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