Date: 6/30/2014

New Intermediate Care Unit features advanced technology

Community Hospital’s new Intermediate Care Unit will open to patients on Tuesday, July 1. The hospital’s $34 million expansion project called Parkview Tower, will house the Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) on the 3rd floor, and the Family Birthing Center on floors 4, 5 and 6, dedicated to moms and babies.

“Patients look to Community Hospital for high quality care, expertise of its physicians and staff, and advanced technology,” said Donald P. Fesko, CEO. “The new Intermediate Care Unit is designed to cater to our patients’ desire for privacy and modern amenities while delivering care as efficiently and conveniently as possible.”

The new IMCU houses 32 private telemetry rooms featuring specialized heart monitoring equipment. The nurses on this unit provide care for patients who need continuous cardiac monitoring. The staff is specially trained to take care of patients with chest pain, cardiac arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, COPD, stroke and a variety of neurological conditions.

Patients will experience spacious private rooms and a restroom with an easy accessible shower. The beautifully decorated patient rooms have plenty of comfortable seating for visitors. Each room is equipped with cardiac monitoring as well as bedside computers which allow the nurses to document and gather information to share with patients at the bedside.

A new feature of this unit is technology that families can access in the patient’s room to let the staff know if the patient needs anything such as water, a warm blanket or pain medications. This information is automatically transmitted to the nurses’ station so the request may be filled by the appropriate staff member in a timely fashion.

“This new technology allows patients and their families to be active participants in their healthcare needs,” said Margie Stark, RN, nurse manager of IMCU. “From a computerized screen, the patient or their family members can alert the nursing staff of their needs at any time with the push of a button.”

“We recognize that the patient’s family is essential in the treatment and healing process,” said Ronda McKay, DNP, RN, CNS, chief nursing officer. “Providing comfortable waiting, nutritional stations and various resources allows families to actively participate in the care of their loved one.”

Staff locator tags worn by the nursing staff, are another technology used for efficiency and safety. This technology was originally introduced to decrease overhead noise in the hospital. The system automatically logs when a staff member enters the patient’s room as well as how long they are in the room. Additionally, when a staff member enters a patient room, the corridor light outside of the room lights up giving other staff members a quick visual indication of where caregivers are located. Non-emergency calls are automatically cancelled when the staff member enters the patient’s room, thereby reducing noise by silencing the patient call.

The central nursing station is within close proximity to patient rooms and allows staff to monitor patients even when they are not in the patient’s room. This unit features a tube system that delivers medications quickly from the pharmacy and delivers specimens to the lab for fast turnaround time.

For the comfort of our patients’ families, the visitor lounge has floor to ceiling windows to let in natural light, ample seating, as well as computer access and vending machine with snacks for purchase.