Date: 2/23/2005

Community Hospital invests $4 million in Cardiac Catheterization Lab

MUNSTER — Community Hospital has invested $4 million to bring on-line the most advanced equipment for coronary interventions, giving doctors clearer images with which to give diagnoses and exposing patients to less radiation in the process.

The comprehensive upgrade of the cardiac catheterization laboratory is nearly complete with the addition of two Allura FD 10 Cardiac Imaging systems from Phillips. The upgrade began at Community Hospital in early October 2004 with the overhaul of two cardiac cath labs. A third cath lab will be upgraded in the fall.

“Because of the way the Phillips flat detector technology captures the images, the dose of radiation needed to get high-quality images is decreased, so the radiation exposure to patient and staff is decreased,” says Director of Cardiology Brian Decker, R.N., B.S.N. of the work cardiologists do to aid in diagnosing and treating heart and vascular disease.

“The Phillips flat detector technology and advanced imaging chain automatically optimizes the images produced so it’s easier for us to diagnose the coronary artery disease and treat it,” Decker says.

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