Community Oncology Center

Radioactive Seed Implants

With prostate cancer, one of the most difficult decisions is determining what course of treatment is best for you. There are various options ranging from observation to radiation therapy and surgery.

Radioactive Seed Implants can be a viable option for some prostate cancer patients. Since 1994, the Community Oncology Center has offered this treatment, providing patients with an alternative to radical surgery. The Center is one of a handful in Indiana and Illinois that offers this treatment.

The nonsurgical, outpatient procedure involves implanting radiation sources directly into the tumor. This confined dose of radiation is delivered directly to the prostate, sparing surrounding tissues and organs and reducing the likelihood of side effects. New advances in medical technology and products have made this an effective treatment for prostate cancer.

A consultation may be scheduled with Dr. Zajac to discuss the treatment. Please call (219) 836-6390.