Sleep Diagnostics

Sleep Diagnostics

Sleep is essential to our well being, yet, most people are unaware of its importance and do not talk about it with their doctors. Lack of sleep affects productivity, is linked to serious medical conditions, and can depress one's outlook and quality of life. But, the good news is that of the more than 70 identified sleep disorders, most can be effectively treated once they are correctly diagnosed.

Community Hospital in Munster offers state-of-the-art medical equipment and qualified staff to assist with the proper diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Sleep Disorders

Our highly experienced staff works with the patient and their physician to treat and improve the quality of both sleeping and waking hours. We are equipped to diagnose and treat a complete range of sleep disorders including:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness - a direct result of sleep disruptions at night
  • Sleep apnea - a disorder in which a person stops breathing momentarily. In obstructive sleep apnea, breathing is blocked by a closure or collapse of tissues in the throat preventing airflow through the nose
  • Restless leg syndrome - a creeping, "crawling" sensation in the legs that causes an irresistible urge to move and may lead to sleep disruption
  • Circadian rhythm disorders - experienced by shift workers, frequent flyers and others whose normal 24-hour biological clock is disrupted resulting in sleep deprivation
  • Epilepsy - seizures during sleep, consisting of trancelike state, unusual behaviors or crying out loud or convulsions
  • Narcolepsy - a neurological disorder that causes periods of extreme sleepiness and is associated with cataplexy (sudden attacks of muscle weakness triggered by a strong emotion such as crying or laughing)
  • Parasomnias - abnormal behaviors related to sleep such as sleep terrors, head banging, sleepwalking and nocturnal binge eating
  • Periodic limb movement disorder - involves frequent leg movements and leg jerks during sleep, awakening an individual

One Night With Us Could Make a Lifetime of Difference

A polysomnography (PSG) evaluation at Community Hospital Sleep Diagnostics consists of spending the night in one of the lab's comfortable, homelike bedrooms furnished with adjustable mattress, TV/VCR, nightstand, desk, sink and lounge chair. Private bath and shower facilities are available for each patient. The PSG is a painless, non-invasive procedure that requires a specially trained technologist to attach various electrodes that record electrical activity from the brain (EEG); heart(EKG);and muscle(EMG). A microphone is taped to the throat to record snoring; a sensor is placed under the nose to detect airflow; and belts placed around the chest and abdomen to monitor breathing. All this activity is monitored in a control area adjacent to the patient rooms.