Community Hospital

The Power Center -
Advanced Sports Medicine Program

The Power Center is a comprehensive approach to your athletic needs.

Community Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy at Fitness Pointe is proud to utilize Dartfish, the amazing computerized biomechanical analysis program that helps athletes of all ages with injury.  In this advanced sports medicine program, our therapist conducts a specific sports examination and adds a 3D biomechanical analysis of your sport participation using our state-of-the-art motion capture system.

This program includes:

  1. A thorough history of previous and current injuries and training regime.
  2. An evaluation of strength, static and dynamic balance, posture and flexibility.
  3. A biomechanical examination of your sport technique and an analysis using state of the art Dartfish* video analysis including video capture from 2 angles.  This helps to determine movement related issues placing you at risk for injury; currently causing your pain; or leading to poor performance. 
  4. A head to toe, functional movement assessment and therapist-developed custom exercise program prescription.
  5. Your therapist will be glad to work with your sport coach to coordinate a program that is best suited for you.
  6. A personalized video analysis DVD with isolation views of the key points on the sport cycle and specific rehab/performance enhancement exercises is optional and available for an additional fee of $75.00. 

General Programming


  • If desired, our therapists will work with your sport coach to coordinate a program that is best suited for you. The Advanced Sports Medicine Program has coaching contacts throughout the sporting community that we work closely with upon request. 

Personal and Group Sessions:

  • After you have been seen for rehabilitation, you can further progress the implementation of your exercise program prescription through personal or small group sessions at Fitness Pointe® with one of our exercise specialists for an additional fee.   Individual and group services that emphasize education, carefully monitored enhancement plans and established techniques to increase speed, agility, strength and power are available.
  • Your therapists work closely with Fitness Pointe® staff to make the transition seamless.

Sports Massage:

  • Fitness Pointe licensed massage therapists are available for sport-specific massage sessions for additional fees.

Sport Specific Programming

  • Runners - The Sports Medicine Program offers a Runner’s Evaluation intended for runners of all ages, distances, and skill levels. 50-70% of runners are likely to sustain at least one running related injury.  Achieving a fluid and mechanically sound running cycle is critical to injury prevention.  This comprehensive examination reviews flexibility, range of motion, muscular strength, balance and videotaped running analysis.  It is designed to help runners who are having pain and or sustained an injury to ultimately reach their full running potential.
  • To schedule a Sport Specific Evaluation call 219-934-2840.