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Our Therapists are in your Community and are Strong Advocates for Prevention

Run Walker Foot Screen 

  • We provide runner/walker screenings multiple times each year at Fitness Pointe┬«, Community Hospital Outpatient Centre, St. John and Community Hospital.
  • This screen includes foot type screening, posture analysis, detailed athletic footwear examination, instruction of drills, strengthening and stretching.

Community Outreach

  • Preseason presentation to Pop Warner Tri-Town Football and cheerleading coaches on proper warm up/cool down and agility drills.
  • Coaching of local youth athletics including soccer and basketball.
  • Participation in local recreational athletic organizations and clubs including Calumet Region Striders Running Club and Munster Masters Swim Team, Northwest Indiana. Triathlon Club, Intramural softball and volleyball and soccer leagues.

Public Presentations Include, but not Limited to:

  • Prevention and Treatment of Neck and Low Back Problems
  • Care and Treatment of the Problem Knee
  • Shoulder pain in the Overhead Athlete
  • Swing into Spring - Golf Injury Prevention
  • Soccer Injury Prevention
  • Ski Injury Prevention
  • Is it my Back or my Hip?
  • Is it my Neck or my Shoulder?
  • Injury Prevention of the Female Athlete

Patient Education

Patient Home Exercises

Therapy does not stop once you leave our facility. Our Therapists will link you to the latest in home exercise videos and customize them to your individualized needs.

Aquatics for Athletes

Aquatics for Athletes

Aquatics for Athletes

Aquatics for Athletes<

The aquatic environment can help maintain the athlete's fitness level during rehabilitation. At Fitness Pointe Physical Therapy, our physical therapists, along with the patient's physician, will approve specific exercises that are performed in the water that will allow the patient use of the affected area without placing undue stress which could result in injury.

The therapeutic, non-weight-bearing properties of water create an ideal rehabilitation environment, especially for post-operative athletes or athletes with back injuries.

The loss of cardiovascular fitness needs to be considered in the athlete's recovery from a musculoskeletal injury. The research of Coyle et al. (1986 and 1984) showed that a significant decline in cardiovascular fitness can result from as little as 3 weeks of inactivity. An athlete may rehabilitate an injury only to find that he or she returns to the sport with a significant loss of conditioning.




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