Thank a Caregiver

Thank a Caregiver

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“Nobody wants to be hospitalized, my stay was for 5 days. I wanted to give special thanks to Katie D, 3 South, because she made me feel important and made sure my concerns were addressed. Thanks for having staff that is kind, considerate and a valuable asset.”

“The occupational therapist Ray saved my life. I have been struggling with PTSD for many years and was unsure of ways to cope. Ray took the time to actually get to know me and went further to bring me information on PTSD and numbers to assist at the VA. Turns out the guy is a war hero! The man changed the way I think about disability. You guys should advertise this guy!”

“I was in the ER on 6/1/16. Physicians Assistant Melissa in the ER was so nice and made sure to keep me informed about what was going on, as much as she could. She was VERY busy that night, but still made every attempt to keep me calm about my situation. Also, Nurse Tammy on the 2nd floor (2 west), and Alicia, (tech) also on 2W. Like many others who have to be admitted, I was afraid and not sure what was going on with my health. But, they both were very nice to me, and they helped me in any way possible. Having staff like them makes having to be admitted, just a little bit easier. Thank you!”

“Julie in St. John - thank you! You went the extra mile, and we appreciate it.”

“Our young son needed a minor procedure completed. Dr. Bruce Yalowitz took the time to meet us in the ED, comfort our fears and call us that evening to check on our son. His caring and concern is much appreciated!”

- K.R.

“Sandy at the Community Diagnostic Center is a caring and compassionate employee. Community is lucky to have her in their employ. Having tests done is a very nerve-racking process and Sandy treats each patient with the respect and dignity that they deserve.”

- Lynda

“All the nurses who took care of me and my sweet baby girl in the Family Birthing Center are amazing! Always checked up on me on time, came when I called them, are so sweet, caring, helpful, gentle and friendly! My stay was the most comfortable stay I've had in a hospital. Never once was a nurse negative. I had a C-section and they were there to make sure I was coping with my pain or if I would like pain medicine. Always had an answer to my questions and concerns. The nurses in NICU also were friendly caring and sweet. They took care of my baby girl as if she was theirs. Always had an answer to my worried questions!”

“I was shocked how well my nurse did getting my IV in before my surgery. It usually takes hours or a surgeon to do it! She got it in pre-op! That is extremely rare with me! Besides making my day by getting the IV in me; she was very friendly. :)”

“Amy was really great. She took the time with our family to review all my grandfather's test results as family came in from out of town. Amy really put some of our concerns to rest and was able to answer all our questions. Amy should be the standard for the hospital's Patient Caring Touch program!”

- Beth

“This visit started out with the thought that I would see a physician and get a prescription for my symptoms. Dr.Mora and support staff did a full round of labs, x-ray, ct scan and determined that my gallbladder was in a bad condition. Dr.Mora strongly urged that I immediately go to the ER at Community and speak to a surgeon. Following her instructions I was admitted that same day and my gallbladder was removed the next morning. Thank you again for the care and professionalism I received at the urgent care.”

- Rich

“Everyone knows a hospital stay is very stressful. But fortunately I had some outstanding nurses and aides during my recent visit! The ones who were exceptional were the RNs Amy T, Renee & Katelyn and the aides Kim & Caitlyn all in Neuro IMCU. What a caring group they were! Everyone I came in contact with was wonderful, but these five showed why they are in their professions! They showed they truly cared for me as a patient and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness! Thank you ladies-the care you gave me is so appreciated and will never be forgotten!”

- Jacki

“Words can not express how amazing Diane has made my stay here at Community Hospital! She brought me magazines to help get my mind off of things, hunted down solid food when I was finally given the ok to have some, got me amazing DD coffee, and made my daughter happy with little med cups to play with (she uses them as buckets for her little Shopkins). Thank you isn't enough; it feels so good to know that people still do care and have a heart!”

“Just wanted to say what a great job Monique did caring for my mother, who was in the emergency room on 2/17/16. She always made sure that my mother was comfortable. She was such a kind person. Jerry was awesome as well, always coming in to check on my mom, even though the ER was pretty busy.”

“Thank you for the great care you gave to my wife Janice B. Your ER dept staff went out of their way to make her comfortable and right at home.”

- Felix & Janice

“We had our son Henry on 12/10/15 at Community Hospital. I cannot think of one complaint or problem to speak of as our stay and care were both beyond excellent. All of our caregivers were great, in particular Corinne was our favorite nurse of our stay. She went above and beyond to help us in every way possible!”

“I would like to take the time to thank the people at Community who saved my life. I made a horrible mistake that landed me in ICU. The amazing staff helped me through a great and quick recovery. I would like to thank my RN Dan, and the rest of the staff for being there. My aides were amazing as well. Especially Rosie! She made me forget I was in the hospital. An awesome soul, thanks for being a friend. Thanks again for helping me turn my life around!”

“My nurse Lanelle on 2 West did a really great job of getting me discharged quickly & efficiently & with my all around care.”

- Caryn

“I want to say thank you to Michelle who was such a pleasant, wonderful, caring ultrasound technician who made my visit their comfortable. She explained everything that would be done and told me the doctor would explain my results. Thank you Michelle. God bless you!!! I also want to thank Dr. Mary Nicholson, who was so kind, considerate and explained so much to me about my situation without being asked, things that I was unaware of. She gave me comfort to know that I had nothing to worry about and what I could do without needing a procedure done. Just in that short time I was knew that she is passionate and truly there to help and to give all the very best care that she can. I truly believe Dr. Mary Nicholson prays for all her clients who come to see her. God bless her and I will pray that God continues to bless her with the gifts He has given her.”

- Cynthia

“I had a CT scan done a few weeks ago and sinus surgery done on Wed by Dr. Covello, and everyone and everything I experienced during both of these visits to our hospital were outstanding. EVERYONE was very helpful, friendly and most important very professional. High praise to you, your hospital and its staff.”

- Don

“I had a cystoscopy this morning (Thursday) at Community Hospital in Munster. I'm writing to say thank you to Cathy at the Outpatient Surgery registration desk, nurses Sheila, Chris, and Stacy, and Dr. Yalowitz and Dr. Brody for making the entire process as efficient and painless as possible. Thanks to all of you, and keep up the good work!”

- Mike

“My dad, Charlie C. came to community for care in 2015! Dad has since passed, but I want to thank Dr. Rastogi, K. Patel and the Neuro ICU team for your honesty, care, concern and understanding you gave to my dad! Let me not forget to say your skill and knowledge of your respective disciplines should be noted as well! I trust so so much, I switched my mom to your care and it looks like in the nick of time! I am typing this out as I sit in the Community Hospital waiting room for my mom, Betty... thank you ER Doc and Dr. Densely and Dr. Dempsey... I could never say enough! One Love!”

“I was there 2 weeks ago for knee replacements and just wanted to thank every single person on 4 Ortho who took care of me. Everyone was amazing. So helpful and nice. By far the best hospital experience ever. I wish I could remember everyone's names to thank individually. But a special thanks to Brandon for not letting me fall out of, or pee the bed!”

“My mother, age 89, was admitted to Community Hospital last Friday with what turned out to be a TIA. Early yesterday morning her primary care doctor told her she would be going home that day. As the day progressed to late afternoon, it looked like the reading of one final test and some additional paperwork might prevent Mom from going home. Amy Hill went above and beyond to make sure the necessary items were completed, allowing Mom to get a goodnight's sleep in her own bed last night. We felt like Mom had a true angel looking out for her. Thanks Amy!”

“Tia Walker (Radiology asst/CNA), Marika Coveris Pierson-RN, Nina Robinson, RT and Jody Ellis, PA on 3 South are Professionals ALL! With a touch of personal, empathy, reassuring care! Human Touch! ”

- Charles

“I was in the hospital from 7-17 to 7-19, 2015. I received excellent care from Niki, Michelle, Jillian, Taylor, Linda, Jennifer, Samantha, Lynda, Jennifer, Tonya and Cynthia - my nurses and assistants. All of them treated me with respect, dignity, and courtesy. All of them were very helpful to me.”

- Joseph

“Katie on 2 West has taken such great care of me. I have been so happy with my care from Katie.”

- Caryn

“Just brought my grandson home from dental surgery at Community.  What a positive experience it was.  Thank you to Janice and Sue (Nurses)...who were so caring, loving and funny.  Thank you for putting a scared 8 year old at ease before and after the procedure.  They were awesome to Nate and his mom, answered all questions and informed us of all that would take place and afterwards follow-up.  What an awesome pair of caregivers.  Community is lucky to have them.  Awesome experience and grateful for their professionalism and caring attitudes.”

- Terri

“Would like to thank everyone on 4th Floor, OT and PT for the great care and assistance I received while I was there for bilateral thr. Thanks again.”

- Joe

“I would like to take this time to commend the ladies of the Labor & Delivery dept. I would specifically like to single out Nurses Christie Demo & Patrice O'Neill. Christie was very friendly, caring and attentive to my wife's needs. She answered all our questions, kept us updated on my wife's status and did everything possible to make sure my wife was comfortable. Patrice did a remarkable (remarkable is actually an understatement) job coaching my wife through delivery. If it wasn't for her kindness and calm demeanor I'm 100% positive my wife's delivery wouldn't have gone as smooth as it did.

I would also like to acknowledge the ladies of the department. They did a wonderful job taking care of my wife and our baby. Again I would like to single out nurses Tina and Hollie.

Tina was the first nurse that was assigned to my wife and our baby after delivery. Tina in my opinion went above and beyond her normally duties to make sure my wife and our baby got everything they needed and wanted. Hollie was very friendly, caring and attentive to my wife & baby's needs. She ensured they had everything they needed as well as continuously checking on my wellbeing.

After experiencing complications, my wife was readmitted to postpartum on 1/19. During our second stay in postpartum we were assigned nurses Lisa, Ana and CNA Sonia.

Lisa was very polite, professional, friendly and attentive to my wife's needs. The care and hospitality she provided was exceptional and like no other. Lisa's composed demeanor undoubtedly helped calm my wife's nervousness. Lisa displayed a work ethic that was unparalleled. Lisa is undoubtably an asset to the Postpartum department as well as Munster Community Hospital.

Ana was very friendly, caring and attentive to my wife's needs as well.  She answered all our questions, kept us updated on my wife's status and did everything possible to make sure my wife and I were comfortable. The care, hospitality and attention to detail she provided was outstanding. In my opinion Ana went above and beyond her normally duties to accommodate our request. I believe Ana is also an asset to the Postpartum department as well as Community Hospital.

Sonia was also very friendly, caring and attentive to my wife's needs and deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication as well.

I do not believe I got to express my true gratitude to your nursing staff and hope you pass along how appreciative we are of them. Furthermore I wanted you to know what outstanding nurses you have on staff and how much we truly appreciate their help.”

- Robert, Lauren & Norah

“I took my significant other to the ER when he developed chest pain. Given his age and medical status, I feared a heart attack. He had barely been able to get to the car. When we arrived at the ER, he received immediate attention. We were both very nervous as IV lines were placed, an EKG monitor was attached and a crash cart was prepared, but Nick kept everything calm the entire time. He was completely in control and his calm nature and efficient manner allayed much of our fear. It was clear he knew exactly what to do and we believe the favorable outcome was in large part due to his swift intervention.”

- Michelle

“My fiancĂ©e was hospitalized for several days in the CCU. The nursing staff was wonderful. They were caring, attentive to his needs and kept us updated. There were several times when he was stressed, NPO and coming off nicotine and wasn't the easiest person to deal with yet each and every nurse managed to handle the situation in a constructive manner which was very calming. I have been in ICUs and CCUs in other hospitals in several states and was very impressed with Community's CCU.”

- Michelle

“The staff in the ER, ICU, and Rehab floor took such good care of my brother during his stay at the hospital before his death last week. He mentioned more than once how well he was being taken care of. A special note praising the two Nursing Supervisors, Ayonna & Patrice for their care, concern and professionalism after his death and helping deal with administrative issues. Quality, caring people.”

“I had a hard labor and had to have a C-section. My OB/GYN is Dr. Sonja Voekel. From day one she explained all of the tests and everything to me so I could understand. When I had my surgery done she explained everything to me. Having a job like that is very stressful and very tense. She always has a positive attitude. That made it a lot easier on me and helped me be more relaxed. A special thanks to a awesome doctor. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.

I also wanted to give special thanks to Elizabeth Aultman for all she did while I was in the hospital in her care. She was very helpful, kind, patient and understanding. She has such a positive attitude and impact on people. She does a great job. A job at a hospital working with stubborn people like me deserves every compliment and recognition possible. Thanks again for all you have done.”

- Angie and Baby Breonna

“My husband and I brought our son Ethan to the Urgent Care at St. John last evening. He was complaining of a lot of abdominal pain so we were very concerned. Dr. Wiziecki and our primary nurse Wendy were both amazing with him. Very sweet and reassuring, spending extra time with him when he was scared to have an iv inserted. Thank you both so much for the skillful, compassionate care you provided to him. You ladies are phenomenal and truly represent the quality of care that is expected at Community.”

- Tina

“My husband just recently was a patient on the Neuroscience/IMCU Floor. He suffered a stroke on 10/08/2014. He was initially seen in the ER and therefore, admitted to the unit. I / We want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for the compassion and care given during his time on the unit. The staff goes above and beyond to provide the greatest of care and service. All provided comfort, understanding and ongoing education. So, for this I/We want to say thank you.”

- Angela and Andre

“I came into the ER in a lot of pain. Randall came and inserted my IV and kept my mind from focusing on the pain I was experiencing. His bedside manner is phenomenal, as well as his personality! Thank You Randall, you are a grade above the best! I also wanted to thank an ER staff member who made a difference. Her name is Katherine. ;-) I also cannot forget Nurse Kim, whom I simply adore! She is  above courteous , she's simply the best! She was there my first night, and well I'm here now and was told just now that I could possibly be going home tomorrow ... Guess who's here for my possible last night?.... Yes! You guessed it! Kim!  There is Nurse Lisa on 3 South, who is absolutely amazing as well. She doesn't just care for u, but she cares about what you feel while she's there. My CNA that I truly thank God for is Ashley. She is young and sweet as pie.  Beautifully spirited.  I love them these three, and I truly pray that Community Hospital realize the Gems they really are! THANK YOU LADIES! There was also a guy from Housekeeping who worked 3 South on 8-22-14. Great Guy!  And Lynda is a true Angel.”

- Darlene

“All the folks are simply great, Thursday morning I was escorted by Nina to x-ray with Amy & Chelsea. Giving: I remember as one of the Golden Rules...I see it, more, I Finally Get IT!!! only by the exemplary manner that MY Caregivers demonstrate, or rather LIVE IT - Belinda, Netta (Aides/Angels!) Cathy (Nurse); Dr.Demir, Dr. Kudaimi, Jessica, Sue B., and the great group of folks (Nina, Sara, Jenny & Dr Lee) in Radiology who make me want fire up the grill and serve 'em a big plate with lemonade. If there was an equivalent 'Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for Radiology' My Caregivers would be there...Rock On!”

- Charles

“During my stay on 4-North, I received the kindness normally expected from family. THANKS to my "like family" on 4-North: Kim (aide), Nurses Sarah, Kathlyn, Diana and Jody and to my "bio-family:" my wife, sons, daughter & in-law, grandkids... You Rock!”

- Charles

“ I would like to thank everyone for making my recent childbirth experience the easiest and most comfortable it could be.  From the registration process to the discharge process, every single caregiver I came into contact with (including Tori, Diane and Stephanie) was helpful, attentive, caring and professional.  I could have chosen a hospital closer to home, but I knew from previous experience, Community Hospital has the most AMAZING staff!”

“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful staff! I had surgery exactly 1 month ago and had to stay a couple of nights. I would recommend your facility 100% ! The staff was polite, caring and very helpful. Thank you Munster Community to providing excellent care!”

- Katie

“Thanks to all at CV IMCU 2 West. My sincerest gratitude and appreciation for an extended family atmosphere as contributed to by RN Chris; Aide Bertha; Nurse Practitioner Kathy and Housekeeper Maria!”

- Charles

“My dad is in intensive rehab on the 4th floor after a major stroke. He arrived from Rush Medical Center earlier this week. I have lived in this area all my life and I knew Munster Community was an excellent hospital after reading about and viewing its growth. The 4th Floor Rehab is AWESOME! People really connect with the patients and have patience and love in their hearts to deal with the patients' many inabilities. Even though they never seem to stop; they are always courteous and friendly. Helpful, informative and have a smile and welcome greeting to your arrival or departure and anytime during your visit. They work together as a team, it's obvious. Lila, the nurse manager, is a go getter, team leader and player, professional, kind, understanding, patient and her team reflects exactly those same qualities and more. I can see results after two days just from the department's diligence to help the patients and raise spirits. May I add that the team surpasses - over the top - those at Rush in Chicago. In every category I just mentioned. Thank you Don Fesko. Thank you 4th Floor rehab team. Thank you for giving of yourselves to help others.”

- Lisa

“My mom has been in the IMCU twice in the last 3 months. The first time for 9 days, most recently she is still there, having gone to rehab and now on 2 West due to some medical issues. While in IMCU all of the RNs and CNAs were very nice and attentive, but one RN Kristen made a special connection with my mom and my sister, while she was there with my mom; and the family appreciated that!”

- John

“I would like to thank Julie for being so kind to my 87 year old mother. She is to have angioplasty Monday morning and has been very nervous about the procedure. Julie went out of her way to to comfort her and switched her room to a room with a window, which really helped my mother's attitude. Julie is someone that enjoys her job and helping others. Keep up the great service positive attitude, it doesn't go unnoticed.”

- Garry

“I was highly impressed with all my caregivers but one especially stood out last week when I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Anna has a natural gift for giving care and I felt so comforted by her extraordinary attention to my needs. She was exceptional and the sweetest face to wake up to after surgery. Anna fed me ice chips and made me comfortable as I continued to wake and I felt very safe. She was the most attentive of any recovery experience I've ever had after surgery and I've had several at other locations. Thank you Anna and ALL the amazing, caring people at Community Hospital. I hope I don't have to go there again, but if I do, I won't feel nervous like I did when I first got there in the morning. Excellent experience!”

- Lynn

“I went into the lab to get my blood drawn for some testing recently. I was very nervous and this very nice young lady by the name of Cassie called me into the lab. She was so pleasant and her calming voice and smile made me feel so much better about getting stuck with a needle. She was very professional yet super sweet and I didn't feel a thing when she stuck the needle in my arm. I asked what her name was so I could send a recommendation to her superiors. I will always get my blood drawn at this location from now on and will always ask for Cassie.”

- Patricia

“Comforting Angels...Tolerance of my uninformed / scared / unnecessary apprehension...I am cared about / for by Good People: IV Team, Lucky{Aide}, Ms. Shannon & RNs:[Sarah, Char], Dr. Kudaimi (GI)...others that I benefited from their courteousness and professionalism through my difficult time. THANKS TO ALL!!!”

- Charles

“Admit nurse consoling; EKG admin; Doug; Megan; Dr. Patel was kind; Stephen kind; Ultra sound admin was warm as was Megan. John took blood and provided me info that put me at ease; Nurse Lacey and Dr. Asfour recent angels to give care...too! ALL showed a wonderfully warm and caring attitude. ”

- Charles

“Just finished six weeks in the Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation program and can't say enough about MaryAnn and her team: Karin, Dean, Mike, MaryBeth, Darlene and anyone else I might have missed. They were all totally professional, caring and made the whole experience not just productive, but enjoyable as well. Thanks!”

- Andy

“I was in the surgical waiting room while my husband was having a procedure. I was very nervous and had never been to your hospital. Tracie S. was an angel! She was so helpful and took me where I needed to go; explained things to me; made me feel more at ease, and was very knowledgable about this hospital. She's like a patient's family-needs expert!”

- Judith

“I had Patrice as my nurse in labor and delivery on 2/10/14. She is exactly the kind of nurse you hope for while staying in a hospital. Patrice was nice, friendly, willing to get anything I needed and an overall joy. I believe she should be recognized for the care she provided.”

- Emily

“Before I arrived in the ER I prayed that God would send an angel to protect me and to relieve my pain. My prayer was answered though Dr. Noelle Cobbs. She listened to my complaint and showed compassion and empathy. She got me out of pain instantly, ordered the right test, and made the right diagnosis. She is amazing!”

- Lunette

“I went into the ER yesterday for heavy bleeding while 6 weeks pregnant. I was fairly certain that I was going to miscarry (which sadly I did). There was a lady named Jess who was helping me and she was so sweet. I went to the waiting room a little upset and she came over to try to make me feel better. I just thought it was so kind of her to take some time out of her day to say a few kind words to a stranger who was going through a tough time. She made me feel so much better about the situation and probably has no idea how much she helped.”

- Elizabeth

“About a month ago, my 4 year old son had an allergic reaction and we brought him to the ER very late at night. I had never had such a positive experience in an ER. Dr. Kumar and the nurse (I believe her name was Jenna) were great. My son went from scared to at ease, and I did as well. They both gave us the time and attention we needed and in a timely fashion as well. Dr. Kumar was very thorough in explaining everything to me and the nurse was very friendly and helpful. This was the best experience I have ever had in a heathcare setting and it is truly appreciated. I hope other workers take note from them and follow in their footsteps.”

“My grandson was born at Community Hospital three years ago 06-19-10. He was born in the fifth month of so so tiny at 1 pound 7 oz. Dr. Boone and his staff were so wonderful. There really are no words that will ever express how grateful we are to him and the Nurses. I always felt they were on this journey with our family. Linda Maxwells, head nurse, will always be "Aunt Linda." I have thought of the staff many late hours in the quiet of the night as I rock Maxx. If I said "thank you" every minute for the rest of my life; it will never be enough. Thank you all for the greatest gift I was ever given: Maxwell. He is now a happy healthy three-year old who goes to nursery school, sings and dances, runs, jumps and blows the sweetest kisses one could ever receive. We spent over a 100 days together. You will all remain in our hearts forever.”

- Shannon

“Thanks so much for all the care and love you gave to my Grandson, "Gracin" while he was here for the first 3 months of his life. You were also amazing to his parents. We will be forever grateful for everything you guys did. Kudos to your unit!”

“I just wanted to thank Nurse Amanda from IMCU. My mother was admitted 7-16-13 for having a mild stroke. Amanda was so caring and nice. I was very pleased with the care she gave. She has a great pleasantness about her; she is very gentle and understanding. I really needed and appreciated her, because LORD knows I love my mother so much. More than ANYTHING in this world. This is the most difficult time of my life and she made it much easier knowing my mother was in her care. I also want to thank the physicians who cared for her. I really appreciate them taking all the necessary steps/test to find out what's going on with her. I was impressed that they ran all of these test on her to assure she got the proper care. I believe other hospitals may not have run as many tests on her - valuing her life as much as you guys did. She is still in your care, but I feel more at ease knowing this hospital truly cares. The CNA Megan was great as well. The staff is so friendly. I truly, deeply appreciate you for valuing her life and treating her with the care and respect during our time of need. I will tell everyone I know about this exceptional care with the hope that they will bring their family here for all of their medical needs. Thanks again.”

- V. Family

“I was recently a patient in your hospital and have nothing but great things to say about my stay. My nurse's name was Brianna who was a tremendous caregiver as well as a positive force in my recovery. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.”

“My husband was a pt here in the hospital off & on from 2008 to 2009. He spent some time up on 5 west. He since has passed away in 2010. But the nurses, and everyone up on that unit could not of been more of a extended family to us! Taking a few minutes out of their day, afternoon or evening to stop and say hello and talk about sports, the weather or just something going on in the news that day! And not to talk about his cancer! One nurse who likes the Minn Twins would stop in and asked if my husband had caught the game on the TV the night before! Thank you for being who you are! A very dear and near family! And your loving care will never be forgotten!”

“My Grandson Grasin was born on Wed 4/10/13, very unexpected and 3 months premature. First, I would like to thank all the Labor & Delivery and Post-partum staff. They were great explaining everything that was happening so we felt at ease. They were great! I had total confidence that my daughter and grandson were in the best of hands. Since the birth the NICU staff has been great again explaining everything happening and the care is out of this world. Thank you so much for the great care you provided by daughter and now my grandson. I don't know what we would do without great people like you. Love you all!”

- Dorothy

“This morning I had surgery on my ankle. This was my first experience with your hospital and I must say that I was very impressed! I do not live in the area, but I chose to travel the 90 miles from my home so that I could see the same doctor who had performed surgery on my ankle previously. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous since I didn't know anyone else at your hospital.

From the minute I walked (no, crutched) in the door I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff. I thought I would sit and wait for my husband to park the car before I approached the counter to register, but before I knew it, the security guard who was on duty brought the sign-in clipboard over to me so I didn't have to get up again. I'm only sorry that I don't recall his name.

Bev was the nurse who admitted me into the Surgery Center. She was most friendly and thorough with the admission process. All of my questions were answered and what to expect was explained to me. She even got my IV in on the first stick!

Daniel was my CRNA in the OR. He did a good job of keeping me calm on the trip down the hall to the OR when the versed didn't make it to me because of kinked IV tubing. Joe, my OR nurse chatted with me about my martial arts to help me relax. These may seem like little things but the best caregivers never forget the personal aspects of patient care.

Mike (Michaelina) took care of me after surgery. She worked like crazy to deal with my pain in recovery. It took a truckload of medication to get my pain under control, but she never made me feel like I was a bother or a crybaby! I can't possibly thank her enough for the excellent care!

Of course I think that Drs. Dichoso and Tioco are wonderful otherwise I would not have made the trip to Munster. They both explained everything and answered all my questions. I really appreciate the amount of time they spent with me to make sure everything would go as planned.

Kudos to your staff! They made this experience everything I could have hoped it to be and it was definitely worth the travel.”

- Jody

“Thank you all - especially Neuro ICU and 5th Floor Oncology - from the bottom our hearts for your awesome medical care, compassion and bedside manner while caring for Sally, wife of Ken and mother of Gary and Mike, who passed away peacefully this morning. We will remember your kindness forever.”

- Ken, Gary, and Mike

“I don't know how to say thanks to Dr. Carlos, Dr. Asfour, Jennifer, Shelley, April, Gina, Dan, Dawn, Mike, and Housekeeping in the CVU - each and every one - they were all so great, especially Jennifer. They did not give up on me and kept shocking me until I was stable and I got out of the ordeal with the help of GOD and the Community Hospital Staff. I am so thankful to each and every one. GOD has just not made them beautiful in looks, but gave them kinder, gentler beautiful hearts. Thanks for saving my life.”

- Anjum

“Melissa Baum & Karen Schneider took care of my grandfather on Dec. 11, 12, 13 and 14 until he was sent to hospice on the 14th in the evening. His name was Archie and these nurses worked days on the Oncology floor. They were very kind and considerate to my grandfather! Please thank them for me for doing such a wonderful job with him because when he went to the hospice house he did not get taken care of like ya'll took care of him! He passed away on Dec. 17, 2012. I just wanted these young women to know how much we appreciated their care.”

- Tammy

“I recently had a mammogram scheduled at the St John Outpatient location on a Saturday morning. My husband was unexpectedly called in to work, so I had no choice but to take my 8 year old son with me. Having been there before, I knew there was a small waiting room in the back so I would not have to worry about him being near an exit while I was in with the technician. We brought his portable DVD player and I gave him "strict instructions" to stay in his seat and be good while Mommy was gone for a few minutes. I need not have worried - when I came out, Esther, the young lady at the front desk who had checked me in, and another of her co-workers were actually in the waiting room keeping an eye on him and giving him snacks and stickers to play with. It was so nice of them both to be concerned for his safety and to take time away from their work to keep an eye on him for me. Babysitting is certainly not one of their duties, but it sure made me feel special and "taken care of" to come out and see them taking such good care of my little boy. ”

“My grandmother recently passed away after a long illness. From her initial presentation to the ER to the time of her passing, the entire Community Hospital team performed flawlessly. They respected our wishes for minimal interventions, maintained her dignity by keeping her clean, didn't place a roommate in her room despite high census, allowed the family ample space to gather and grieve, provided coffee and snacks, and let us know they were available and performed their duties without being overly intrusive. I am forever grateful.”

- Tony

“Excellent doctor and staff at Community Outpatient Centre in St. John - gave real quality service. Dr. Choudry showed so much more attention and care lacking in many doctors today. Thank you for a positive experience, my first time at Immediate Care.”

- Allen

“I was in the hospital for bad kidney stones that required surgery. Angelie was my nurse for the first night I was there. She was so kind and caring. She made my pain go away. She had such a great smile and attitude that I forgot all about being nervous for the surgery the following day. I fell asleep and she was gone in the morning and I never got a chance to thank her in person.”

- Jason

“Sadly, my brother lost his battle with Ideopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis today. I would like to thank the staff in the ICU. The compassion and level of care they gave was outstanding. They were comforting, informative, patient, positive, understanding, and so much more. Thank you for being there for him and for our family.”

- Elizabeth

“On October 22, my 24-yr old goddaughter came in Community Hospital ER in full cardiac arrest. The event was tragic and emotional but we were blessed to have Nick as my goddaughter's primary nurse. He was so compassionate, caring, supportive, and his constant updates and explanations to the family were a source of control for them in a confusing time. He took his time, answering all of our questions and made sure everyone completely understood the situation. His primary interaction with us throughout the ER process laid the foundation for the transition to critical care and prepared the family for what was going to be an unfortunate end. His calmness in the face of the turmoil, and his tenderness with my goddaughter's care was a comfort. God picks His Angels in the perfect time. This time His Angel was Nick. Nick is a credit to his profession, his calling, his dept, his employer. Thank You Nick. Be Blessed!”

- Marcia

“After a painful, sleepless night went to your ER at five a.m. Sunday. From registration to discharge, all your ER personnel demonstrated utmost kindness -everyone did an excellent job - came home with pain alleviated. Thought I was being a wimp, but found wrist/ribs broken. Thank you to all who helped fix me - lovingly.”

- Mary

“Thank you for taking such good care of my Grandma last week! Aaron, she really appreciated your sense of humor and patience. My family was happy she was in such good hands with the talented staff. Thanks!”

- J

“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent and wonderful care you all provided me during my short stay at 6 West. Please share my sincere gratitude with your entire staff especially Tammy, Amanda & Amanda, Ann, Janice and/or Janet, Jessica, Carole, Elana, Latavia, Latrice, Norbtel, Marge, the ladies from the IV team and the Respiratory team. I can't recall the name of the young lady from the IV team who saw me last, but do pass my regards to her and best of luck with baby number 2. Also, I cannot recall the name of the other male nurse. A huge thanks to Dr. Shabeeb and his surgical team to successfully remove my bad gallbladder and make me all better. Also, thank you to the Admissions department to making the admitting process quick and friendly. Again, thank you so very much to everyone at Community Hospital for taking care of me. You guys rock!”

- F

“I had a double mastectomy in July. Karen on 5 West was an amazing nurse. Her compassion, care and patience with all of my questions and needs was amazing. She truly deserves a medal for all that she does there. No question was too insignificant for her to answer at this very scary time in my life.”

- Donna

“I am very nervous when I go for my 3 month CT scans. Malisa and Tiffany were very comforting and encouraging this Saturday during my visit. Community Hospital has awesome Staff! Thank you!”

- Pam

“I wanted to take the time to compliment and thank Keisha, Michelle, Lu and all of the wonderful nurses and nursing assistants who helped me through one of the scariest and hardest times that I've ever had. My worst fear in life was having a child and having surgery. For me, both of those things happened at Community Hospital at the same time. My son was born April 16, 2012-C Section and it was one of the happiest and hardest times I've had in my life! My mother/family left the same day that my son was born for vacation. The only person who was there for me was my son's father. I was terrified that something might happen to me from surgery (having a horrible diagnosed panic disorder) and to my son who was being taken care of in the NICU. I cried every day. I was nervous, scared and sad that my family was not there with me and my son.

The nurses at Community made me feel confident in my recovery and confident that my son would pull through. They helped me with walking, going to the washroom, bringing me food, water and medicine and they did it with a smile on their face. I feel that these nurses went above and beyond to assure that I was well taken care of and happy. I felt extremely comfortable in their presence and they made me feel like they wanted to be there for me. The head nurse in the Maternity ward (I unfortunately do not remember her name) would come in even when she was busy with other patients to see how I was doing. She even went as far as to schedule one of my favorite nurses to my room instead of a new nurse. My four day stay at the hospital was amazing knowing that I had support and people who cared about me. They were with me every day answering any questions and making themselves available.

The nurses at Community are truly angels. Thank you all so much for your support and time! My son and I are so grateful. ”

- Kaitlyn

“I wanted to take the time to compliment the wonderful care my grandfather received at CH during his last week with us. The staff and Dr Ayad were so good to our extended family of children, in-laws and grandchildren during a difficult time.

Years ago, when I started my nursing career as a CNA and then floor nurse, just one floor below, my philosophy in giving patient care came down to one question I would ask myself daily, "How would I want my grandparents to be taken care of?" To this day, even as a Manager and Supervisor, I try and instill the same philosophy in my staff.

It is very easy to distinguish staff who go through the motions, and those who truly make their work their mission in life. One of those Nurse's that we had the pleasure of meeting was a nurse by the name of Katelyn. I cannot express how compassionate and caring she was to my grandfather while he was in the dying process, and to my family who were beginning the grieving process. We were fortunate enough to have her as my grandfather's nurse three evenings in a row, so the continuity of care made such a difference.

Nurses like Katelyn are reminders to me that this profession is sacred; that the work we do goes beyond the charting and the protocols. It's the human connection that is not taught nor in-serviced on. It comes from the heart and the genuine will to serve others.

In closing, I would like to say that it was wonderful to see my grandfather treated by the same standards of my simple daily reminder, "How would I want my grandparents to be treated someday?”

- Susan

“I love this hospital everyone is so nice they are awesome!!!!!”

- Leonard

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to send a special word of thanks to Kathy, lactation consultant in Post-Partum. She was so helpful, and went above and beyond for me and my daughter. She was kind and helped relieve some anxiety I had about nursing. Thanks for everything Kathy!”

- Amanda

“Laura in Labor & Delivery was the best nurse. It was my daughter's first baby and she was a bit nervous. Laura calmed all of our nerves. She explained everything and came in to check on us constantly. We never worried about a thing, while she was on duty.”

- Tracie

“I look forward to coming to the gym when I know Gina will be there. Her smile is warm and the care she gives is sincere. She makes my day and represents all that is good about Fitness Pointe.”

- Gina

“Thank you to all the nurses and doctors on IMCU West that took care of my mother who broke her hip 3-26-12, and the sitters at night. Everyone was just so nice to her.”

- Gerald

“Thank you to all in Rehab and CVU who took such great care of my grandmother. Our entire family is so happy that she was surrounded by such wonderful and caring individuals. This allowed us to be at ease with her stay as well. From the bottom of our hearts...Thank you!”

- Jessica

“I was treated for PAD in my right leg from 2-21-12 to 2-22-12 and again for my left leg from 3-6-12 to 3-7-12 in the CVOP unit. Throughout my whole experience, all of the nurses - especially Karen, Mary, Lisa and Laurie - were very nice to me. My care was sensational. I wish I could take each one of them out to dinner. I just can't say enough about the care I received from the moment I arrived to the end of my stay when I was wheeled out the door by nurse Laurie. They each treated me like I was someone special. From the bottom of my heart - thank you all!”

- David

“When mom was hospitalized I was worried that she would get the care she needed. She arrived on an extremely cold day in Indiana, where she had fallen outside her home & broken her left proximal humerus and could not walk. My family and I were impressed at the dedication, professionalism & focus the social services, nurses, doctors, aides, occupational and physical therapists all had - to mom's wellness and dignity during her two week stay and then discharge to Hartsfield SNF: in particular, these people: Wendy (OT), Bethany (OT), Mary (Nurse), and Sheila (Nurse Assistant). Ryan returned all my calls promptly, met with each member of our family, especially our father, and explained every alternative and its repercussions to going straight home from the hospital. He helped with placement protocol and after our decision, helped with obtaining a bed for mom. Jackie, Mary and Sheila were fantastic and explained every medication to mom (as she has dementia), kept mom smiling and asked focused questions, then praised mom even when the answers elicited were wrong!

Bethany and Wendy (OT) had great attitudes and patient mannerisms, and when mom needed a rest during her sessions, pushed her with love and compassion - to accomplish her ADL goals and explained the assistive devices with patience.

Thank you so much for all you are and bring to Community Hospital.”

- Sheila

“My father had to have a thoracentesis. As a nurse, I know this can be painful and scary for a patient. I was unable to be there for the procedure, but my father and sister were very impressed by the quality of care they received! They felt that Dr Shin was very professional and compassionate. They also said Annette RN was amazing! She was very kind, compassionate, and went above and beyond! I really appreciate what they did, since I was not able to be there.”

- Dorothy

“I want to thank the staff that took care during my visit 12-19 to 12-21, 2011. R.N. Melissa was so caring, and full of information for me whenever I had questions. This is the first time that I kind of enjoyed my stay in a hospital, if that could be! Thank you again Melissa.”

- Peggy

“My husband, Ramon had been fighting cancer for over a year. He passed away on April 18, 2011. He spent 15 days in your ICU department until he passed. The care he was giving was phenomenal; the staff was excellent and I know everything that could have been done for him was.”

- Sheila

“When I 1st came into Outpatient therapy we had no idea what was wrong with my arm and finger. The staff (Cheryl and Kelley) were so patient with me and tried numerous things in order to help me. Without all of the different treatments I don't think I would have gotten as far as I have with having less to no pain. They were patient/caring and a personal touch which makes you feel so warm inside. I never felt like I was a burden to them or like they were HAVING to help me. It was always a pleasure to see them and it felt like it was a pleasure for them to see me. Thank you all so very much for helping me in the healing process.”

- Debrah

“I want to compliment many of the nursing staff for the great care I received while delivering my first baby. First of all, Sally my Labor nurse was amazing!! She was positive and encouraging, and made me feel very comfortable. I can't say enough great things about her! Also, many of the recovery nurses were great as well. Lauren, Paula and nurses aide Dorothy especially took excellent care of me! I want to compliment my housekeeper as well. I don't know her name, but she cleaned room 179 in post partum on 10/3 and 10/4. She was very sweet and kind and did a great job cleaning up my room. I think she went above and beyond! Lastly, Mary G. gave us excellent care!! She made our departure from the hospital a fun and pleasant experience!! Thanks again ladies, great work!”

- Katrina

“Diane Moore is one of the best nurses that I've ever had. When I was admitted, I had the most pleasant experience with ALL the nurses on the 4th floor, but Diane Moore was outstanding. She was born to be a nurse and she enjoys her job. I enjoyed her thoroughly and she should be recognized and held up as an example of what being a nurse is truly about. I suffer from Systemic Lupus Erethymatosus and it is very debilitating and painful. Diane is a wonderful nurse and I can go on and on about her. Thank you so much. I hope this gets to her and she knows how much I appreciate her warmth and kindness during a very difficult time for me.”

- Sonya

“Just wanted to thank the entire staff on labor and delivery floor for my AMAZING care! I came in very scared and unsure about what was going on with me (Pre-term Labor) they worked fast to get me in a bed and calm me down and moved swiftly to get my situation under control! Every shift was very attentive to my needs and concerns and they were all very kind to me! I actually look forward to seeing them all again when I come back for my actual delivery!”

- Jessica

“My mother, Patricia was in critical condition and my sister and I had to make the most difficult decisions. Collette made us feel comfortable and that we were doing the right thing. She was very caring and honest, which we needed. Even though it was news we did not want to hear, Collette had a soothing way for presenting the information that not many people could do. I would like to thank her for all her information and caring words and I hope she understands she made our stay in the ICU much more comfortable with her beautiful spirit and smile. I am hoping that Collette continues to be an inspiration to family members and patients and do what she does best. Thanks for everything!”

- Patty

“I want to commend your entire staff at Community Hospital. My mother (Maureen B.) was a patient on the Neuro & Neuro ICU floors in July, 2011. I was so impressed by the genuine and compassionate care my mother received during her entire stay. It wasn't just the nursing staff who went above and beyond; it also includes all the ancillary departments as well. Everyone we passed in the halls always smiled or said "hello" or helped us find our way. Your hospital and staff are fine examples of what healthcare strives to achieve. Mike Skinner, R.N. was my mother's nurse a few days and he always treated my mother like he would his own and I love him for that. There wasn't anything we asked of him that he didn't do for us. He is a shining star at Community Hospital.”

- Kathleen

“On July 15 I was scheduled to have my gallbladder removed by Dr. Pellar in the outpatient surgical department. I arrived at my scheduled time and was quite nervous. I first met Mary and she was immediately aware of my anxious state. She was a constant of calm and patience during my stay. The rest of the team who were assigned to me were also very kind and understanding as well. The entire team took time to explain things to me and really made me feel like I was in trusted hands. I cannot say enough good things about all that had worked with me during my stay. I feel that the entire team worked with caring, professionalism, and fantastic bed side manner. Thank you to all those who helped me get through this procedure, you are truly world class and a credit to your professions. Even though the circumstances of my arrival were rather undesirable, the care that I received was unmatched and sincerely appreciated. Thank You all!”

- Ken

“Jeff was OUTSTANDING!!! Never have my father and I seen such compassion. Very attentive, caring and comforting. My dad wanted him to be his nurse every night!”

- Tanisha & Jerry

“I recently was in the hospital to have my daughter on 6/14-6/17/2011. The nursing staff that tended to me and my baby was extraordinary!!! They were patient and caring! I don't want another baby right now, but I would just to be cared for by those beautiful, wonderful young ladies again!!!”

- Tiffany

“I just want to thank Amy and Marleen for taking such great care of my husband who came in to the ED with an infected dog bite and a new gi bleed at the same time. The care they provided was both skillful and compassionate. He is recovering rapidly, and we are both very grateful for the care he received in the ED.”

- Tina

“Thank you so much to Cindy White for taking care of my daughter. You were very kind. I would also like to thank Laura too. God Bless!”

- Minerva

“I just wanted to comment on the overall excellence of care I have received at your hospital. I was recently admitted through the emergency room for an episode of chest pain and was kept on the telemetry unit for an overnight stay. I don't remember any particular names of staff members, but that might be because every single person involved in any way with my care was absolutely wonderful. I so appreciated being kept apprised of all that was going on at all times. The testing I had to have done was all performed so compassionately and quickly, and I was advised of all test results in a remarkably short time. The nursing staff is so caring and responded to everything so quickly, as did the emergency room doctor and the attending doctor and cardiologist who dealt with me during my stay.

I was also hospitalized overnight for a hysterectomy last year and the care and attention I received at that time was just as outstanding. I don't know if it's a result of your hiring process or your training of employees, but you should be very proud of the staff that represents your hospital.

Too often people only speak up when they have a complaint, but I wanted you to know that you surely seem to be doing things right. I would not hesitate to recommend your hospital to anyone.”

- Paula

“Jeannie and Tammy in the CSC Surgery Center are definitely among the most caring, competent, professional nurses I have ever encountered. I am a very hard iv stick and have multiple allergies, so unfortunately I can present some challenges to care for. Their skillful care made it quite obvious I was in the very best of hands that day, and they made my procedure a very positive experience.”

“Dr. Mary Nicholson was very kind and caring. She took her time with me. She helped make a follow-up appointment with the surgeon to see. It was nice to have a calm & loving person help me through a uncertain time.”

- JoAnne

“I had my atrial fib ablation on January 26. Thank all of you so much for your compassion and care before during and after. I was so nervous about the whole thing and you all put me at ease. I would definitely recommend your care to anybody and have sung nothing but praises since I left. I work at another hospital, and know how hard you all work but I felt like I was your only patient. Thank You so very much.”

- Kim

“Thanks for being here for my son, Travis while he was in the Emergency Room of Community Hospital. He was in good hands.”

- DeVeen

“My 17 year old son was admitted to the pediatric unit for a few days for an infection in his thumb. He was not expecting to have to stay in the hospital and was not very happy about it...but needed to receive IV antibiotics. All of the staff - Joleen and Janet, R.N.'s and Michelle, CNA - were extremely friendly, and made his experience as good as it could be. Thank you to all of the pediatric staff!”

- Tracie

“Everybody was so kind, not only to my 91 year old grandmother who was the patient, but also to me. We arrived at the ER late Wednesday night and were there until Thursday morning. A woman from the cleaning staff offered and then brought me a cup of coffee. So thoughtful! Then after one of the male nurses took my grandma up for a test that was going to take 1/2 hr, he offered and then brought me a pillow & blanket so I could rest a bit while I was waiting for her. Another nurse told me to get some sleep, but I told her I needed to stay awake so I could call and wake up my son for school at 6:00 am. She told me if I fell asleep she would wake me at 6:00. They were so sweet and patient with my grandma. The staff member who gave her a breathing treatment watched over her to make sure she was comfortable during the test. Great care from all from the time we were met at the door until the time we left. I am very grateful! Thank you!”

- Kim

“On a very intense day these members of your staff - Dr. Eric Wasilowski, Angie, the ICU and others - made the passing of my father less stressful. Their understanding and compassion helped with the events of the day. Thank you.”

- Eric

“My 13 year old daughter had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy on 12/16/10. She was very scared as were we. The care she received was amazing. Everyone went out of their way to make sure she felt as much at ease as possible. Before and especially afterwards there wasn't 2 minutes without someone checking on her. At her first grimace of pain she got a pain shot. I couldn't have asked for better care for my daughter. Everyone at CSC should be commended on a great job done!”

- Michele & Gary

“I had a c-section and my little girl ended up in the NICU for 6 days. The doctors and nurses were great but I need to give a special thanks to NICU nurse Ann. She was able to explain everything to us and helped us understand what was going on. Ann took great care of my girl and when she was there I felt I was able to go get some rest because I knew my little girl was in great hands. Thank you for all your help, you made a scary time a lot less scary for two new parents. Thank you.”

- Jason, Kerry and Lillian

“My wife was in the Oncology dept. three times from Oct 25 til Dec. 1st. She received the best possible care from Jodi that anyone could possibly want. Jodi was very attentive and compassionate. She was also very professional. We have become good friends, and hope to remain that way for a long time. My wife passed away on Dec.3 and the last few weeks of her life were made much better because of the care she was given by Jodi.”

- James

“Our 10yr old son required a blood draw and was very anxious about it. Ashley and Kate went above and beyond to make him (and us!) feel comfortable during the stressful event. They took the time and patience required. Please share our gratitude to them and thanks!”

- Paul & Laurie

“Thank you Dr. Shwaiki, Dr. Jandali, both Dr. Ghandi's, ICU nurses - Jeannie, Glenna, Nikki, Sherri for taking such good care of my dad, Mel, during such a difficult time. You provided such great care and compassion to him and us. You cannot understand how much that could possibly mean to us.”

- Cheryl

“I had my son a few weeks ago and I just want to say thanks to Dawn and Lynn who went above and beyond to teach me how to care for him. He is our first and I was scared. They put my mind at ease and made his birth such a beautiful experience for us. Of the 30 plus people coming in my room those are the two I remember and that says a lot about them.”

- Jennifer and Jackson

“My Mother recently had a very long hospital stay. We came in contact with many people during the time she spent in many different departments at the hospital. I must say that 99.6% of these people were wonderful! The care and kindness she received from these nurses and nurse assistants was above and beyond. Words could never express our thanks. I will always be grateful for the care they gave my Mom and for the support they gave me.

Thank you ~

Evan & Julie- ER

Rachael, Jeanee, Glenna, Gini, Cori & Alica - Nurses ICU Susan, Nikki & Laynette - ICU N/A

Mike and Dawn - CVU

Pam, MJ, Cathy, Missy, Amy, Sher, Marlene, Pat, Kristen - IMCU

Carol, Heather, Megen, Susan, Shawn, Connie - IMCU N/A

Kathi - 6 west

Becca - 3 south, also the 2 nurses & N/A that cared for my Mom on discharge day!

Lee, Marina, Cynthia, Lisa - 4th floor rehab Mary, Matt, Kevin, Mark, Myra - 4th floor rehab N/A

There were many other people and I wish I could remember everyone's name. You all played such a important role in my Mom's recovery. May God bless every one of you. ”

- Gretchen

“I want to express thanks everyone I encountered during my hospital stay for the birth of my daughter. Everyone from the nurses, nurse aides, anesthesiologist (Dr. Lin), and nursery nurses went above and beyond to calm and comfort me. I was very afraid during my C-section and want to thank staff who reassured and calmed me during the procedure. This is a memorable stay and all staff showed such kindness and compassion toward me and my concerns and worries. I could not have asked to have been treated better and am thankful for the excellent care given by your staff. THANK YOU is not enough-your kindness and understanding will be remembered forever and is immensely appreciated. The postpartum staff were the kindest, caring people who deserve special recognition. God Bless all of you!”

- Christina

“Overall, our experience with your quality hospital and general staff at Community was the best-especially the Neurological ICU team!! They were very friendly, courteous and "on the ball." Each nurse had a good attitude and was genuinely concerned for the welfare of the patient, our mother. We contacted them in the late night using the special code. They gave us up-to-the-minute status. I could fall asleep relieved, knowing that mom was being cared for. I'm sure that the positive and professional attitude of the workforce had a positive impact on my mother's recovery.”

- Jeanette

“Every once in a while you come across a nurse who is truly an angel of mercy, someone willing to go over and above, not because someone may be watching, but because they care. Community Hospital in my opinion is blessed to have such an angel; she brightens 2ED by day and is better known as Amanda. On October 2, 2010 my father was admitted to 229 and Amanda was his nurse. She was everything that I could hope a nurse would be and then some. Nursing isn't an easy job. It can be highly stressful and yet she never once let that come through. Instead she went out of her way doing everything that she could to make his stay as positive as possible. I hope that this short note will encourage you to embrace this wonderful staff member and recognize her for all she does.”

“I was admitted last week and spent several days on 2ED. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of the nurses and NA's. They were all so caring and genuine and really made me feel comfortable (as comfortable as one can be while in the hospital). I has an chest x-ray, a cat scan of my chest, an ultrasound of my pancreas, gallbladder and liver, and an angiogram. EVERYONE that I came into contact with was awesome! I am really pleased with the entire experience and appreciate all of the caregivers very much!”

- Connie

“I recently discovered this page and it actually made me think about an incident from a couple of years ago. My baby was having terrible ear infections and it got to the point where he needed tubes in both ears. Even though I knew the procedure was minor, I was really worried, especially about anesthesia. It was important to me that the anesthesiologist be certified in pediatrics so I called to inquire. Dr. Berkowitz called me back himself to answer my questions. At the time he was the only pediatric certified anesthesiologist on staff and my baby's surgery was scheduled on his day off. He explained that he had been training another anesthesiologist (I wish I could remember her name now) in pediatric anesthesia and that he would trust her to put his own child to sleep. He also offered to come in on his day off and do the anesthesia himself if I was at all uncomfortable with allowing his associate to do so. Given his reassurance about the other doctor's skills, I felt comfortable allowing her to care for my child. I still wasn't looking forward to the sight of my baby being wheeled away from me on a stretcher to go to surgery, but figured there wasn't anything that could be done about that. Boy, was I wrong. The anesthesiologist came and got my baby herself for surgery, and there was no stretcher. She carried him herself, actually singing to him to help him relax and let the medication start to work. She also carried him out of surgery and handed him right to me so I could see right away that he was just fine. Even though all this time has passed, the care my baby received is something I don't think I will ever forget or cease to be grateful for. I was nobody special, just a scared mom who was worried about her baby. But the fact that Dr. Berkowitz not only called me himself to answer my questions but actually offered to come in on his day off made me feel like he truly cared about my concerns, and more importantly, my child's care. And I can't say enough about the care received from his associate either. She was more than an anesthesiologist that day - she treated my son like he was her own baby, not just a patient. Care like this just doesn't happen on its own, it is only provided by people who care enough to go the extra mile for their patients. So even though this is quite belated, I wanted to take the opportunity to say "thank you" for the exceptional care these 2 doctors provided to my baby AND to his scared mom. It is something that I will never forget.”

- A Grateful Mom

“I never thought I was prone to anxiety or claustrophobia until I had to have an MRI a few years ago. Needless to say, when my doctor told me I needed another one, I was not looking forward to the experience. I spent the day trying to remember every relaxation technique I had ever heard of and trying to make myself calm. When I arrived, the tech Kevin introduced himself and explained how MRIs have changed over the years. He was very patient and reassuring and he also went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable with an extra pillow, offer of a blanket, etc. before starting. The test ended up being a breeze, and Kevin deserves the credit for a very positive experience. Thanks Kevin, Community is lucky to have such a caring employee in the MRI dept.”

- Kevin

“I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to our labor and delivery nurse Debby. She was the absolute best nurse I have ever had. Thank you.”

- The Bruff Family

“My father was in the Cath Lab last week for an angioplasty, and Arnold was very patient and understanding with him, even though he's a bit of a curmudgeon! Norbert overheard me on the phone telling someone that I hadn't eaten in hours, and didn't want to leave for fear of missing the doctor. He went and got me a sandwich and a Pepsi. That was just incredibly thoughtful! I want to say thanks to both of them.”

- Linda

“I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Feldner for a while and what has impressed me most is his ability to listen and to answer any questions I might have. Plus, during that time he has enabled me to deal with the various medical problems that I have been forced to deal with.”

- John

“4th Floor South Nurses/Assistants-Maria/Jen caring for our dear bro Mark-Rock!”

- Melodee

“We spoke with Judy @ 11:01am, 4th floor Nurses Station @ Munster location. She assured us she would be our Angel this morning and deliver our message 'Mark we are sending our love and prayers' We would like to thank all Doctors/Nurses/Staff for taking special care of our dear brother, Mark!”

- Mark's Families from KY/FL/TN/TX/IL

“I was nervous and frightened, having heard stories about MRI. Kevin was so gentle, compassionate, and reassuring. He put me at ease telling me everything that was going to happen, that things were much easier now than they used to be. He spoke to me during the test, and kept my daughter who was in the waiting room at ease also. I can't tell you how much it meant to have someone like him performing a test that is frightening to someone like me. He deserves to be rewarded for his performance.”

- Lorraine

“Karen deserves to be commended for her gentleness, friendliness, and caring in giving me an EEG. I was nervous and she put me at ease, explained everything to me and always made sure I was ok. She seemed to like her work, I told her she should receive Employee of the Month.”

- Lorraine

“I just want to personally thank all the nurses, aids, and even the support staff on 3 South (Lynda, Stacia, Olga, Kim R and all others I may have forgotten). You all made my first stay in the hospital so much less scary, and SO nice, that I almost didn't want to go home! Lynda was amazing at reassuring me before my surgery.”

- K

“I just wanted to take time out to say how awesome everyone was in the ICU dept. The time of my mom Georgia's stay. But there was one nurse that really stood out to me and made me feel as if I was actually one of her family members with her sympathy and concern for my mom's condition. Although she is still hospitalized and battling the same demons, I can't express how much I appreciate how informational Nurse Sherry was and always very friendly and helpful if any of my family would call or come by. That just meant so much to me. People can learn from a person with a heart like yours. Don't ever change; keep your heart as open as you do. May God Bless you always.”

- Nikisha

“I was recently in the hospital with pneumonia. I could not breathe on my own so I was put in a chemical coma and put on a ventilator. I have never come so close to death. They thought surely they would loose me. Instead they pulled me through. Everyone was so kind to me and my husband and family I don't know how to thank them. These people obviously love what they do and truly care. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. Everyone tried to make me as comfortable as I could possibly be. Again, how do you thank people who brought you away from the brink of death? Thank You!”

- Cynthia

“I would like to thank the nurses in the labor and delivery department. Not only did they cater to all of my needs, but they really helped me through a tough time. Community is a very positive place, and the nurses helped make it a marvelous experience. Thanks again!”

“I would like to thank the staff of the 6th floor west for the outstanding care they gave me during my recent stay. I would especially like to thank Joan, Tina, and Amanda. They went above and beyond answering my questions and tending to my needs. They were remarkable at putting me at ease and making sure that I did not have pain or need anything. I was truly blessed to have them.”

- Marchell

“My sister-in-law was in the hospital and Robert, Jason, Danielle and Carol all showed outstanding compassion. I was so impressed by their skills and the way they handled and explained everything to me and my family. Thank you so much...they truly shined for us.”

- Melissa

“My father, at 90 years old, had throat cancer and was having radiation treatments twice a day. It was rough on him, but the friendly care of all the nurses - Donna, Jayson, Kim, Kathy and Melissa - was a real blessing. He even looked forward to going and seeing the nurses. They made it great for my sister and me to take the trips there. I would truly like to thank them with all my heart!”

“I would like to thank the staff at the Surgery Center for a great job. They made a anxious day of surgery very comfortable. Exceptional service.”

- Tim

“I would like to thank all the medical assistants and nurses aids for the wonderful care they give and wish them a happy Nurses Week. Community could not run without you.”

“My husband and I recently attended the Taking Care of Baby class with instructor Mary Puntillo. We were so pleased with the amount of information, demonstrations, and reading material that we are recommending the class to everyone. Mary was engaging and honest and her tips will be very helpful. She even stayed late to answer our many questions. Thank you Mary!”

- Jennifer

“I would like to extend my deepest "Thank you" to such a wonderful staff of nurses, doctors, and facility workers. Our story begins on Sunday March 28th when I delivered our son Conner. Everything was going as planned until my son's cries turned to grunts and he was having trouble breathing. Dr. Zabaneh and Rene the delivery nurse kept their composure and called for the neonatal staff. Within a matter of one/two minutes a full team of nurses and a neonatal doctor were working together to find out what was wrong with my son. Everyone's quick, calm, and confident reaction made the situation less frightening, plus made me realize that I came to the right hospital. My family resides in Lowell, Indiana which is about a forty minute drive on a good day; believe me it was worth the drive.

As the neo staff took my son to treat him, I was understandably quiet. I thought to myself this wasn't supposed to happen. He was a full term baby, but again the outstanding staff of nurses primarily Rene kept me focused on my own health. I felt helpless, but I knew she was right. As I waited to regain my strength and my right leg to gain function I started to overhear the staff talk to one another. The dialog between the doctors, nurses, and facility staff was as if I was entering a household of brothers and sisters. Each one sharing a personal issue or informing someone of a dish of food that was home-cooked and brought in to enjoy for everyone. I was comforted by just that type of atmosphere.

Later that afternoon when I was transferred to postpartum, I was informed by my husband that our son's one lung was damaged. He was on oxygen, an IV, and an antibiotic in case of an infection. He was being monitored closely. When I heard the news I couldn't wait to see him. My husband and I went down later that afternoon. As I scrubbed in I noticed how busy the area was. There had to be over fifteen babies in incubators. Most of them covered by blankets. As, I entered the room to where my son was I realized how serious his issues were. He was hooked up to all these machines and had stuff in his nose and arm. It was then when the nurse Betsy walked in. She was friendly and talked with us about his situation. Her gentle kindness and attention gave me confidence in his care. I was certain he was in the best place for his condition.

The next 48 hours flew by like a whirlwind and before I knew it was time to say goodbye to my son for the day. As I talked with Diane the nurse who was overseeing my son that night, who took care of him as if he was her own, I felt this overwhelming sense of family like I did earlier in the week in Labor and Delivery. As I held my son for those last minutes before I had to go I overheard again the nurses, doctors, and facility staff talk about homemade food and what their kids or grandkids were doing. As I listened a sense of relief came over me and I knew he would be in good hands while I was away because he was surrounded by a home filled with mothers and fathers not just nurses and doctors. As I went home that evening I began to go over in my mind of all the conversations I had or overheard with the doctors, nurses, and facility staff. As I sat my bag down that was provided by the hospital I read the "Extraordinary people, extraordinary care". That was it. That slogan fit exactly our experience. It was the extraordinary staff at Community Hospital and the extraordinary care that my son and I received that made this chapter of our life unforgettable.

My son and I are doing well and would like to thank Dr. Zabaneh, Rene in Labor and Delivery, Betsy and Diane in Neonatal, and the rest of the nurses, doctors, and facility staff that made our experience extraordinary.”

- The Carey Family

“This was my first procedure at Community Hospital and with Dr. Tracy Collins. Dr. Collins is a godsend!! A wonderful person who is patient, kind, meticulous, and very knowledgeable about what she's doing. I see why she is in such high demand! Working with her, is the nicest surgical team around. They answered all of my questions, no matter how small and did everything they could to calm my fears prior to my procedure. I've worked in a hospital for many years and I know that attitude makes all the difference in a patient's visit. Kudos to the entire team for working like a well-oiled machine and making me feel better in the process. I just wish I could do more!”

- T. Peterson

“I was amazed at how thorough Lauran was. She made my pre-admission easy, she was a wealth of information, she was patient and made me feel very comfortable about my upcoming surgery. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I am in such good hands.”

- Theresa

“I have had the privilege of being Mike's patient in Nuclear Medicine twice! He was kind and explained the procedure both times as if I had never had it done before. I liked his patience and personable attitude. I will be back and look forward to being served in his department. I was really impressed by how long he has worked at this hospital which says a lot about Community Hospital.”

- Tamara

“I gave birth to my baby boy on Nov. 29, 2009 and unfortunately he ended up in special care. My husband and I were very distraught; fortunately the nurses in special care were very supportive. I can't thank them enough for everything that they did for us, their concern was sincere and made us feel like family. They kept us informed and comforted us whenever the news was not good, which was often. There were two nurses that took care of our baby the most, Cheryl and Amy. Amy was awesome, always very friendly and kept us optimistic through the whole time we were there. Cheryl was very informative, kind, and patient. When my baby got transferred to another hospital she gave me her lunch bag to put my breast milk in. Although a small gesture to her, to me it was the nicest thing she could have done. I felt taken care of and felt that she went above and beyond normal expectations. To those names, I also have to add Jen and Laurie. Jen was helpful and very informative as well. Laurie was a riot, great sense of humor and very talkative. She kept us in a good positive mood whenever we felt things were not getting better. I have to say that by far Community Hospital has the best nurses and again I want to thank the many nurses in special care that took care of my little one. All the ladies were great!”

- Elizabeth

“Around midnight on Feb 17, 2010, Nurse Monica was very competent, friendly, bubbly, understanding and efficient in providing transportation from the ER to the nursing floor to my dear friend, Julia, who is impaired for speech and cognitive abilities. Ms. Monica showed such loving care to this elderly patient. She shared about her 5 boys and provided pleasant conversation to ease our stress. Her dedication and exceptional service was so appreciated. THANK YOU.”

- Cynthia

“I had to visit the ER at Community Hospital in Munster. I could not believe how fast I was treated. The staff - Kim, Shawn, Marvin, Kevin, Ray, John, Missy and Kristen - were incredibly nice. From the time I was admitted, until I was discharged, I was so impressed by everyone including the radiology staff. Thank you all. You do great work!”

- Jenny

“Had a seven-thirty appointment for an MRI. It was a pleasure to meet Donna as she registered me in with her sunny disposition. Then I was greeted by my Imaging Tech Melissa. I thought this would be a breeze til I saw the machine. It looked like a tunnel and being claustrophobic I kinda freaked. But Melissa helped me through with her calming, professional nature. And that early in the morning! You go, girls!”

- Patricia

“My Dad was a patient for 8 days on 4 South Ortho, I cannot thank all of the staff enough for the care he received. My Dad suffers from dementia and a broken hip and the staff went above and beyond to care for him and us (the family that never left). I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years and I must commend Diane and her staff - Lindsay, LaToya, Barb, Tina, Mary, Jodie, Vicki, Kristen, Jolanta, Michelle, Jane, Delila, Melissa, Robert, Mark, Theresa and Pam - they are truly wonderful people!”

- Kathy

“I went to the ER on Sunday, January 17 because I am pregnant and started spotting. I was so scared but Noreen, the nurse on the day shift, was very nice and made me feel as comfortable as possible. She didn't rush and answered any questions we had. It is rare to find someone in the ER who doesn't seem hurried so I wanted to thank her for taking her time with me. She made a scary experience seem not so scary after all.”

- Tiffany

“Janelle in phlebotomy did an awesome job drawing my blood. She was friendly and I didn't feel a thing!”

- Cheryl

“In December I needed to have an angiogram at the Community Cardiology Center. Needless to say I was very scared and anxious when I came in. I was met by Mary-who immediately reassured me with her calm and kind manner. Nancy then came in and they worked together getting me ready for the procedure. They both went above and beyond in the way they treated me-both were so kind to me! They explained everything and were very gentle and kind! My parents and my husband were even asked if they needed anything and were brought coffee while they waited for my procedure to be over! Mary took me to the procedure room and told one of the nurses there that she was staying with me since she had been with me since I came in and I was very anxious! That was unbelievable to me! These two nurses-as well as all I came in contact with that day-were extraordinary! In what was a very scary day for me I was treated so well that it made it so much easier! Thank you Mary, Nancy and all of you I came in contact with that day! You all gave me extraordinary care! Community Hospital is lucky to have you taking care of patients there! Thank you!”

- Jacki

“I would like to personally thank a member of your staff on 2 Neuro, Kimberly, for her great work ethic and for being so incredibly kind to me during my stay for my tumor removal at Community Hospital. She came to my room to visit a member of her church and just kept coming back to see me. She made my stay there so much more enjoyable. Her smiling face and intoxicating humor was a welcome feeling when she came to see me. Even after her church friend left, she still came to see me and wish me well. She even gave me a bouquet of paper roses that I will forever cherish as a reminder of my defeating the tumor...she made them. Thank you Community for hiring such a wonderful girl into your Housekeeping staff.”

- Idalia

“My sister Judy is my father's primary caregiver. He is 85 yrs. old and living at Hartsfield Village. He's been diagnosed with mid-stage dementia. Judy makes sure that all his money matters are taken care of along with taking him to all his doctors' appointments (eye, gp, dentist, hearing aids, etc.). She spends a great amount of time visiting with him and likes to bring her dog with her because my dad enjoys seeing both of them. She makes sure his medications are always available for him and does numerous things around his apartment like decorating for the holidays, cleaning dishes and his laundry.”

- Donna

“Dr. Dershewitz is truly wonderful! He is very knowledgeable and establishes a wonderful rapport with both children and parents. My son absolutely loves him and every time he has the slightest sniffle asks "Do I get to go see Dr. Dershewitz? He's my friend!" My son recently had pneumonia, and Dr. Dershewitz's careful follow up allowed him to be treated at home rather than in the hospital. Our family is so grateful to him and his wonderful care!”

“Thank you so much to Sandi in Labor & Delivery for taking care of Sarah. You were a great support. We appreciate it very much!”

- Minerva P.

“Sheila D. provided excellent care to my daughter. She was able to obtain the blood sample with minimal discomfort. Great job Sheila!”