St. Catherine Hospital

The Center for Diabetes

With a focus on self-management, we offer programs designed to meet the individual needs of our patients. When hospitalized for diabetes-related problems, patients are admitted to the Center for Diabetes. Once their condition stabilizes, they undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the severity of the disease. Then they meet with the Center's specialized health care professionals to develop a personal diabetes self-management plan, covering everything from daily living skills and self-monitoring to meal planning and exercise.

Outpatient Programs - Ongoing education and support for diabetics and their families is provided through a four-hour, bilingual program that explains the basics of self-management, covering topics such as insulin injections and self-glucose monitoring.

After-Care Programs - Once discharged, patients join this program to maintain their newly learned skills. They work with the Center's health care team on an ongoing basis to set goals and continue learning about medication, nutrition, exercise and other aspects of diabetes management.

Community Education Programs and Screenings - We conduct additional diabetes programs for the community. Go to the Health Events Calendar for upcoming programs.

For information on the various diabetes programs available to the public, please go to the events calendar for a complete listing, or call 219-392-7786.