St. Catherine Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging Center

St. Catherine Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department offers state of the art imaging equipment and procedures to ensure high quality patient services.

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Bone densitometry - DEXA Scanner

This scanner offers the gold standard in measurement for bone mineral density of the lumbar and hip regions crucial for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis. Measurements of the forearm and whole body scanning add to the information required by the physician.

Mammography - Contour Plus

The contour c-arm design of this unit allows more breast tissue to be imaged while offering more patient comfort. The high frequency generator permits shorter exposure time resulting in less distress for the patient.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner

This prospeed helical scanner provides fast scan times and sharper image quality. This unit has the ability to offer 3D reconstructions and multiplane reformations offering the best images for diagnosis.

MRI - 1.5 Tesla Gyroscran Intera

Patients experience all of the benefits and comfort of an open MRI system with the highest image quality in the area. This patient friendly unit virtually eliminates patient anxiety and has a beneficial design for the claustrophobic patient. All this while detecting areas previously inaccessible by other scanners.

Ultrasound - Sequia

State of the art images for diagnosis in comfort and privacy. Superior imaging capabilities without the use of radiation for invasive procedures such as biopsies, cyst aspirations and amniocentesis.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine imaging at St. Catherine Hospital uses Siemens’s Symbia S technology - producing a state-of-the-art image quality. Nuclear medicine is an effective diagnostic tool showing the anatomy or structure of an organ or body part in addition to the function of the organ. This additional "functional information" allows nuclear medicine to diagnose certain diseases and various medical conditions much sooner than other medical imaging examinations. Nuclear medicine can be valuable in the early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of numerous medical conditions and continues to grow as a powerful diagnostic medical tool.

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