St. Catherine Hospital

Acute Rehabilitation Center

The Rehabilitation Center

The Acute Rehabilitation Center at St. Catherine Hospital features state-of-the-art equipment and services to help patients gain independence after illnesses or injuries. Staff specialize in care for those recovering from brain injury, stroke, neurological or orthopedic conditions, amputation, polyarthritis, multiple trauma or congenital deformity disorders.

Rehabilitation patients benefit from a full-spectrum of therapies, including physical, occupational and speech therapies, counseling and education.

Patients who are learning to gain independence have access to all the activities of daily living, including an apartment-like setting with a washer and dryer, training kitchen, restroom and living area. Also offered is activity and dining space, a fully-equipped gym for therapy, conference space for family and caregivers, and offices.

The staff at the Acute Rehabilitation Center of St. Catherine Hospital understand that those who have been impaired by injury or illness have many questions and may be facing an uncertain future. They will work with patients to help alleviate those fears by providing a supportive, caring environment; one that places an emphasis on abilities instead of disabilities.

For more information, call 219-392-7630.