St. Catherine Hospital

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our goal is to reduce, prevent, reverse or stabilize heart, lung and peripheral arterial disease and other risk factors through education, prevention, rehabilitation and aggressive disease management. The team includes physicians, nurse clinicians, registered nurses, exercise physiologists, dietitians and social workers. Program components include:

  • Cardiac, Pulmonary and Peripheral Artery Rehabilitation - These rehabilitation programs are designed to improve physical fitness and modify risk factors. They include monitored exercise therapy, supervised by nurses and exercise physiologists and under the direction of a cardiologist, as well as education.
  • Heart Failure Clinic - Congestive heart failure (CHF) continues to be the leading cause of admission to a hospital. A nurse clinician provides tele-management for patients with congestive heart failure to reduce the need for inpatient hospital care. The program empowers the patient to achieve their individual goals and understand their condition through appropriate education, nutritional counseling, and individual health assessment. The Heart Failure Clinic also provides a monthly support group for participants.
  • Peripheral Artery Disease Program (PAD) - PAD is a progressive narrowing of the arteries feeding the legs, causing pain and circulation programs. Symptoms may include pain, cramps or tired feeling in the calf or thigh that occurs during walking and is relieved by rest. The PAD program is designed to improve walking endurance for daily activities and more. Provide appropriate peripheral and cardiovascular education and assist with risk factor reduction to help prevent future problems. They include monitored exercise therapy, supervised by nurses and exercise physiologists under a physician direction.
  • Fitness/Wellness Center - The Health and Fitness Center provides a structured program of total body fitness including cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and flexibility. Each participant receives an exercise prescription designed to modify risk factors for heart disease.

Referring physicians are provided with regular progress reports regarding the status of patients enrolled in Millennium. These reports detail the patient's plan of care, patient goals and level of progress.

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