My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

Rosa Cisneros-Ortega

Comfort and privacy are found in every Birthing Center room
at St. Catherine Hospital, complete with private bathroom,
whirlpool tub and adjustable, state-of-the-art birthing bed.
Hospital staff support the concept of "Rooming In," so moms
may keep baby with them at all times to give new families
plenty of time for bonding.

Rosa Cisneros-Ortega-

When Rosa Cisneros-Ortega recovered from the shock of finding out she was having another baby, she had no doubt where she wanted to deliver.

“For me, there was nowhere else,” said Cisneros-Ortega about the Family Birthing Center at St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago. “It is like family here and the care is outstanding. The nurses were wonderful.”

Baby Zoe was quite a surprise because the age gap between Cisneros-Ortega’s two children is 17 years.

“We are a very blessed family,” she said of her family of four including husband Rodolfo of 19 years, son Rudy and baby Zoe.

“When I had my daughter, the ladies at the birthing center were all wonderful and compassionate,” she said. “I had been grieving the loss of my mother just days before I gave birth. What comes to mind and what I won’t forget is how I was treated during that time in my life and how many people at the birthing center were so caring and showed so much empathy toward myself and family.”

“It’s not how big the hospital is or how it is decorated, it’s the people in this hospital who make it wonderful and a pleasant stay,” said Cisneros-Ortega.

Cisneros-Ortega is the patient access supervisor at St. Catherine Hospital and has been an employee for 20 years. She had her son, here 17 years ago.

“I had my son here when the birthing center was on the 5th floor it was also a wonderful experience,” Cisneros-Ortega said. “The nurses were all great and caring. My son was diagnosis with juvenile diabetes when he was six years old and again the treatment I have received here has been more of a caring family environment than just a medical facility,” she added.

The Family Birthing Center features a home-like environment. Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Post-Partum all take place in the comfort and privacy of a beautiful room which features a private bathroom, a whirlpool tub and a completely adjustable, state-of-the-art birthing bed.

All the advanced medical equipment necessary to ensure safe labor and delivery, including sophisticated monitors, is out-of-sight but right at hand when necessary. Baby can stay in the room with mom around the clock, which enhances mother-infant bonding. Additional nursing care is always available for moms or babies who need extra rest. The unit is adjacent to the hospital's surgery area in case these resources are needed.  

The team of physicians at the Family Birthing Center include highly skilled obstetricians, family practitioners and pediatricians.

“The department achieves its mission by serving as an advocate for quality healthcare for women; by maintaining the highest standards of clinical practice and patient satisfaction; by stressing the importance of continuing education for department members; by promoting patient education to ensure patient understanding and participation in their medical care,” says Kimberly Arthur, M.D., obstetrician/gynecologist on staff at St. Catherine Hospital.

Cisneros-Ortega said she chose St Catherine Hospital first and foremost because of the people.

“At St Catherine Hospital, the people are very friendly, kind and caring. To me, this hospital is more like a family,” she says.

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