My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

Daniel Mayorga

With encouragement and care from St. Catherine Hospital's
Acute Rehabilitation professionals, Daniel Mayorga fulfilled
his wish and danced with his wife at his son's wedding.

Daniel Mayorga-

Hammond resident

When 58 year-old Daniel Mayorga became a rehab patient at St. Catherine Hospital he had one goal – to dance at his son’s wedding with his wife, Ninfa of 38 years.

“With the help of the staff, I danced like there was no tomorrow,” he said with a laugh.

After a knee amputation, Mayorga was sent to the hospital’s Acute Rehabilitation Center for two weeks where he said he recovered completely and, in the process, built relationships with staff that transformed him.

“When I first was admitted, I was down and out,” he said. “The staff not only helped me with my physical rehabilitation, they gave me the strength and courage to heal. They gave me the tools to heal spiritually and physically.”

A big part of Mayorga’s support system was Danielle Martin, physical therapist assistant.

“Daniel had the drive and desire to succeed; he was just overwhelmed,” Martin said. “We provided the tools and he did the work. Having that purpose, the desire makes all the difference,” she says.

Mayorga’s right leg was amputated just above the knee due to diabetes and complications of Agent Orange exposure he endured as a Vietnam Vet during the war.

“I have been through a lot in my life,” he said. “My faith and my family have helped me get through.”

As far as as the care he received, he said words can hardly describe his feelings.

“The staff at St. Catherine Hospital provided comfort and encouraging words that gave me the strength to do the things I thought I couldn’t do,” he said. “When I said ‘I can’t,’ they told me I could as long as I kept my goal in mind.”

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