St. Catherine Hospital

Oncology Services

At some point in their lives, three out of four American families will be touched by cancer. But the good news is that over half of the people diagnosed with cancer will survive. Cancers that claimed thousands of lives are now often being cured, including acute lymphatic leukemia and Hodgkin's Disease.

St. Catherine Hospital has long been a place of hope and healing for Northwest Indiana cancer patients. We were the first hospital in the area to offer radiation oncology services and following in that tradition became the 26th site in the US to offer CyberKnife®, the most advanced stereotactic radiosurgery system. Today, through our comprehensive program of cancer treatment and prevention services, we're helping families fight back against this terrible disease and live to tell about it.

Our services include:

  • Complete medical and surgical oncology services
  • Prevention and early detection programs
  • CyberKnife┬« Center
  • Radiation Oncology Services through the Community Healthcare System
  • Community Cancer Research Foundation
  • Cancer Resource Centre for support services and complementary therapies
  • Tumor Board, a multidisciplinary team of physicians who meet monthly to make recommendations about the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cancer cases.
  • A cancer registry that tracks the frequency of cancer types in Northwest Indiana.