St. Catherine Hospital

Pastoral Care

There are emotional and spiritual as well as physical dimensions to healing. Our chaplains offer support, comfort and counsel to deal with the fears and concerns of our patients during the healing process. They represent the full range of religious denominations, are available to all patients and their loved ones 24 hours a day and seven days a week and are ready to:

  • Listen and offer spiritual and emotional support
  • Accompany those in crisis or grief
  • Share prayers and sacraments and/or make referrals
  • Reflect with and consult on ethical concerns and issues
  • Offer information concerning Advanced Directives such as Living Wills or Health Care Representatives

The chaplains facilitate several support groups which are free of charge and open to participants as long as they find it helpful. Groups include:

  • MEMORIES - a support group for parents and other family members who grieve the loss of their unborn child or death at a very early age
  • VICTORY OVER VIOLENCE - a support group assisting survivors and their loved ones with the emotions and spiritual concerns in the aftermath of violence
  • GOOD GRIEF - a support group offering spiritual and emotional support to those experiencing the loss of a loved one

The Hospital Chapel is a sanctuary open to anyone seeking solace through prayer and meditation. Catholic Masses are held daily according to the schedule posted outside of the Chapel. Interfaith services are held every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. All chapel services are televised on closed circuit TV, channel 4.

For more information about our Spiritual Care Services, call (219) 392-7185.

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