Thank a Caregiver

Thank a Caregiver

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“The treatment from all staff members in the Rehab Unit at St. Catherine's, including the therapy, Housekeeping and social workers, is the reason why we trust our Mother to your care. Seth, the CNA, Heather the RN and Liberty became my Mother's family away from home. Her comfort level and safety were always put first. Thank you so much for having such a strong team.”

- Josephine

“Will was the best!! I don't know how I would have gotten thru my stay without his constant support and encouragement. He is truly an asset to the hospital!”

“My mother spent most of the last six months of her life in the hospital. The staff in general was very kind and caring, but Grace Carter went above and beyond what was expected by hospital staff. She developed a very close, personal relationship, not only with my mom, but with me too. Grace was so thoughtful. She even gave my mom little stuffed animals on occasion and cards to show how much she cared. Even after my mom left the 3rd floor where Grace worked, she would check on my mother periodically. It made us feel special. Grace provided my mother with excellent care, and she made us truly feel like family, which made my mother's stay in the hospital so much better than it could have been.”

“I've had the best care from Sue. She's very attentive and goes above and beyond to make sure her patients needs are met. I've been here for a few days to prepare for surgery and no other nurse compares to Suzanne.”

- Bruce

“Jeanne, overnight PCA, was so positive, helpful and went above her required work requirements for my upcoming cancer removal surgery.”

- Bruce

“I've never liked hospitals, but to have the great staff with me for that whole experience (especially my favorite nurse Kathleen [Kat]) , I would do it again here. They made me feel at home and came to work everyday with positive attitudes. I never had a problem with any of the staff. Housekeeper Hope made me feel at home as well and even helped me by keeping my area clean and well stocked. I'm so grateful, I will be bringing them a dessert for much grateful appreciation.”

“I just would like to take the time to not only thank the ICU department and the whole IMCU department, but mainly nurse Brittany. I cannot express how deeply her kind words, soft touch and overall general attitude helped me face each day and sleep at night. She was and still is a great comfort to me. When feeling down I think of her smile and I am back up again. THANK YOU!”

- Anthony

“I would like to share my excellent experience and what a wonderful staff you have. I came to the ER on Thursday 2/13/14 and had to have my gallbladder taken out the same day. The ER nurses were so caring and kind. The nurses on the sixth floor were great. My 3-11 shift nurse, David Estrada, went above and beyond with his excellent customer service. Thank you everyone.”

- Nina

“I am an employee of St. Catherine Hospital and I would like to thank my hospital family: Dr. Shin, Diane Vandiver, Kim and Harris (Harpo). I recently had a procedure done, and the care I received was phenomenal! I appreciate Harris for bringing me a hot blanket to cover my legs, without me having to ask for one. Diane Vandiver was very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Kim was so very nice and used her AIDET. She made me feel comfortable as well. Dr. Shin held my hand while he explained the procedure to me. Diane held my hand during the entire procedure, and that I am very grateful for! Thank You! You all showed very good professionalism and made me feel at ease. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!”

- Katrina

“Diane was very informative and helpful and answered all my questions when I called to set up my test. Jasmine and the student helping her were very helpful, friendly and kind. They made me feel at ease while having my procedure done. They both eased my fears and were very comforting. Dr. Hess made me feel comfortable during my test. My experience was great. The Radiology dept. has a great staff. Keep up the good work.”

“I wanted to thank Lavette at the Information Desk for helping me with my daughter who was sick. She had an accident as soon as we walked through the doors and messed up her dress. Lavette kept us calm and started calling all around to get scrubs so she could be comfortable during her visit for services. She was so very helpful and caring as I didn't know what to do in that situation.”

- Kathy

“I was looking for the cafeteria and Vicstachia Thomas, RN was walking past. She showed me where the cafe was and then helped me take my take my food to the car on her lunch hour. I have never had someone be so nice to me. Thank you and God bless you!”

“I was a patient in the Family Birthing Center from April 9-11. These ladies made sure I had everything I needed to be comfortable. Kim got me started with my induction. Tracy helped me give birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy. A few other nurses were there to help me when I needed them. We thank them very much. This is a wonderful hospital and we truly thank all of the staff who helped us through that delicate process of childbirth :)”

- Kymber

“I wanted to let you all know what a wonderful staff you have. I came to the ER and had to have my gallbladder taken out. I went to 5 West. I have never been treated so excellent from so many people under one roof. The nurses, techs, respiratory and your housekeeping were wonderful. They gave me so much encouragement and care. When I left they even came by to say goodbye to me. With the wonderful professionals you have you will always be first in my book. May you all be Blessed. Thank you.”

- Nancy

“As an employee at St. Catherine Hospital, I wanted to say thank you to Ken the nurse that took care of me in ER and the triage nurse (sorry, I did not catch your name) after I had gotten hurt. My trip to ER was quick and painless. A great group of people in the ER. Also appreciated the follow up call the next day to see how I was doing. Keep up the great work ER Dept.”

- Karen

“I just want to thank the nurse who took care of our mother when she was in the ICU; her name was Jennifer Martinez. Thank you for everything you did for our mother as well as us. I wish there were more nurses like you... thank you.”

- Andrea

Fortune and Misfortune

Fortune and misfortune besets us every day
And it was our misfortune that made us come your way
The triage nurse that's Phyllis
Did make us all aware
The reason we were waiting
And that you all did care
Then Barbara, patient advocate came to fill our need
And so for these dear ladies
We thank you, yes indeed

- Written by George S. Newbold on 3/8/12
while waiting in the ER lounge with his wife to receive care

“Shyrena was sitting in Rehab with Ms. Willie Mae and she was so kind and sweet as a Bessy Bug. :) She's great with patients I hear and so friendly. Glad to have a loving young lady like herself around the Hospital. Keep Up The Great Work”

- Stephanie

“I would like to thank the ladies for their professional expertise: Ms. Valerie thanks for the extra push... Ms Marge your patience, Lisset and Martha your pleasant attitudes. Kristian David appreciates your tender care.”

- Karise

“I would just like to thank Suzan, the courteous young lady in the St. Catherine Hospital ER waiting area for making my family comfortable when it was a very scary time for my family. I came to the ER via ambulance and my family had to wait in the waiting room for a very long time. This secretary was very attentive with my family members, even offering coffee and juices to a very scared, upset family. She kept letting me know that my family was there and that helped comfort me. Thank you to this very special, empathetic, caring person you have working in the ER.”

“I went into SCH Emergency Room complaining of chest pains. I was immediately serviced by the entire E.R. Staff. My Nurse upon assessment was Clair Trevino; she was superb in explaining and knowledge of job duties as a nurse and very compassionated to my needs. I was then aware of Laboratory assistance in which my blood was drawn in a timely manner with no problems, and my doctor informed me within 15 minutes of results reported from Barb and Juanita from lab along with Tanya assisting family members with love and directions to Cath Lab. I was escorted to Cath Lab for procedure and was very comfortable with the entire staff. I woke up in ICU unit with no awareness of what happen to me and was embarrassed and very well taken care of by all the Nurses. I had so many good Nurses that I could not remember all of their names(I apologize) but the fact is they are very knowledgeable, skillful, and professional. Once better, I was transferred to IMCU unit(s) and Nora and Amy were also good nurses with overall professionalism. I had many visitors from within St. Catherine staff - from admissions to pastoral - and all were great and helped me with a speedy recovery. I thank God for all the Dr.'s from Emergency to Cardiology that took pride in healthcare and it is because of their dedication, knowledge, professionalism, and compassion that I am a survivor and have another chance to be with my family. St. Catherine is the Best Hospital.”

- Latoria

“Josh cared for me on my recent visit to the ER for severe tooth pain. Even though I was crabby and self centered, he showed only patience, caring and professionalism. I commend him highly! Please let him know what a consummate professional he is! Thanks.”

- Anne

“I recently had a procedure done at St. Catherine's. I just wanted to make sure you and everyone else knows what a GREAT group of people you have working there. They treated me better than I have ever been treated at ANY hospital. Kim, Trish, Tara, Carol and Rhonda made me feel like I wasn't only a patient, but I was also a friend or even family member. I have let EVERYONE I know what great and outstanding treatment you guys provide. They made sure I had everything I needed and that I was comfortable. Please let them know how truly special they are and that their kindness and respect was greatly appreciated! Thank you!”

- Tabitha

“From May thru June of 2010 my daughter was an inpatient at St Catherine Hospital. While there, she and our family had the good fortune of meeting Chaundra Lyles who - as far as our family is concerned - is a hero. A true patient's advocate, she went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that while on her watch, the continuity of my daughter's care would not be broken. I know in healthcare continuity of care is pretty standard; but when dealing with a chronic mental illness the chain is often broken. Sometimes, into unrecognizable bits. When we met Chaundra we handed her 5 years of unrecognizable bits in a tattered box with a hole in the bottom; and she figured out how to mend the box, find the missing pieces and meld the bits together so my daughter would finally get the help she needed. To this day, my daughter is benefiting from Chaundra's hard work; and although I am certain she knows how much her efforts matter to the individuals and families she's help over the years, and just how thankful they are, I want to personally thank her. Thank you, Chaundra, for all that you do. You have made a difference in our lives, and we will be grateful, forever. Merry Christmas to you, and yours.”

- Maureen

“I want to thank your hospital staff for the care I received during my recent stay from 10/18 - 10/23. I especially want to thank my attending physicians, Dr. Ybanez, Dr. Llobet, Dr. Libirian and Dr. Janas (?spelling) and the IMCU staff. I have to tell you that every single one of them gave me excellent care/attention. Starting with the doctors, nurses, techs, staff who transported me to and from my room to other areas to get different tests done, even the housekeeping staff was excellent! I wish I could remember everyone's name so I wouldn't leave anyone out but the names I recall the most in IMCU are Nurse Vicky and her tech LaToya, and Nurse Nick. Thank you all for your care and attention. My stay in the hospital was a bit more tolerable because of your excellent care. God Bless!”

- Juana

“On behalf of my mother, the late Florence Walker, my entire family wishes to thank you for her care. For the past two years and multiple admissions, no survey can express to you all how well she was cared for. You all had the ability to show that you were there for her, as well as for me.”

- Diane A.

“I would just like to thank everyone involved in my care (Pre-Op, Surgery, 6 West and Dr. Shabeeb) during my recent surgery (July 30th - August 6th). The care was excellent and very professional. Thank you again.”

- Leonard

“Dear Jo Ann, I would like to take a few moments to let you know about my experience I had at your facility. I had a Partial Knee Replacement on March 30, by Dr. Surender Dhiman. I would like to inform you of what a wonderful experience I had. During my short stay everyone I came in contact with was a wonderful group of employees. Starting from the Pre-op room in the morning to the Joint Academy on the 5th floor in the afternoon. There were nurses taking my vitals on a regular basis and checking on me every little bit. They were keeping me as comfortable as possible. Even the housekeeping staff was great!

I would like to extend a special thank you to Jessica, the Joint Care Coordinator from the Joint Academy who came in on her day off to see how I was doing. And to a nurse Kathy from the Joint Academy who was on the 3 - 11 shift during my stay. Both of these nurses were exceptional. However, you should be very proud of the group of your employees you have. They were all wonderful. I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to you and your staff for the wonderful job they did. They were also very accommodating to my family as well during their visits with me.”

- Michael

“Thanks very much for the outstanding care that my husband & I receive each time we visit the Med Clinic. You guys are awesome.”

- Sandy and Ray

“Thanks to everyone for the care my mother, Lucy, received in your hospital. She is almost back to her spunky, active life. The quick response from the staff of the Chest Pain Center and excellent care you all provided will forever be appreciated. Mom is a little overwhelmed with all the attention but I say she deserves every bit of it. From one of her 12 children, God bless you all and your loved ones.”

- Anita

“I recently stayed at your hospital after going through the ER. I arrived in the ER on Tues. Feb. 9 and after testing and examinations I was admitted to the 6th floor of the hospital. I was discharged on Thurs. Feb. 11. During my stay in the ER and in my room I did not receive what I have read on your walls as "very good care". On the contrary, I received great care!! From the ER: Dr. Dostal and RN Carrie to my assigned RN's: Emily, Michelle S. and Vivian to the assigned Techs: Kenneth and Bernice. I was treated with so much empathy, courtesy, professionalism and care that I felt that I needed to make you aware of this. So the next time I visit St. Catherine's be it as a patient or visiting a patient and I don't see all or any of the above named people as employees of the month I'll know that you either didn't receive my e-mail or care to reward them for a job well done.”

- Richard

“I am pleased to say that I had the best time with the nurses of St. Catherine Hospital in the Family Birthing Center and as well as my doctor, Dr. Hu. I want to thank you with all of my heart on my delivery and my stay at the hospital.”

- Samantha

“This letter is to applaud Dr. Dostal for her excellent treatment of my husband, Ivory, when he entered the ER on May 5, 08 with the tips of two middle fingers on his left hand horribly mangled by a lawn mower. Dr. Dostal admitted she had never worked on this type of injury, but said she would do her best to make his fingers look as normal as possible. She carefully snipped triangles of skin, expertly sewed them over his finger tips then referred him to a hand specialist who praised her work. Over the months, my husband's fingers went from disfigured stubs to fingers so normal looking, it was difficult to tell which hand had suffered the damage. Thank you Dr. Dostal for a job well done. ”

- Marjorie

“On Thursday, January 27th, my 92 year old father was scheduled for a same day surgery procedure. Frances and Mary Beth in SDS were outstanding in the care they provided my father. I could not be more pleased with the care and consideration given to him. But as I walked around the hospital, every employee I encountered further amazed with a friendly "hello" or "may I help you". I had always had the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples, Florida, a world class 4 star hotel, at the top of my list for customer service, but I now have a new standard in St Catherine Hospital. I don't know how you do it, but everyone I met seemed sincere in their desire to be of service. I have been in Human Resources for over 30 years and so I understand the issues with changing a culture and I commend you all on having done an exceptional job of establishing the highest level of customer service I have encountered. ”

- Bill

“On Sunday night I was injured while on the job. I was calling for help for a few minutes and someone from Lab came and rescued me! (I am sooo sorry, I totally forgot your name, but without you, who knows how long I would have been stuck there. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!) I was sent to the Emergency Department. It felt weird being on the patient side instead of the worker side. But let me tell you, I was more than pleased with the care I received. Triage and registration were awesome..they helped get me into a room and made sure that I was comfortable. The ER staff came directly in and told me what was going to happen. Dr. Deshaies was next and told me he was sending me to X-Ray. The X-Ray staff quickly performed their test (Thanks to VAL and LAURA!!) and sent me right back to my room. Before I knew it, I was on my way out the door thanks to the speediness of our ER department. Everyone made me feel at ease because I was obviously in a lot of pain and very nervous. Special thanks to Tom in ER and JON in SECURITY. Sunday night made me realize just how proud I am to work at St. Catherine Hospital. WE TOTALLY ROCK!!”

- Brandon

“I would like to thank everyone that was involved in taking care of my mother Gennie Davis until her passing. I would truly like to thank the Acute Rehab floor from the nurses, aides, social workers and Dr. DeLeo. It was so amazing how well they took care of her. There are not enough words to let you all know how much it meant to me and my sister. Thank you very much and also I would like to thank a few people on 6West - you know who you are. They also did a good job when she was on that floor and also IMCU. It is nice to know that we have caring people in this world. And also my department for going the extra mile when I was off. Thank you all so much. ”

- Love always, Charoun, Communication Dept

“The Nuclear Medicine staff - Monica, Uday, Tom & Liz were amazing!! They explained every detail of my test, kept me warm and comfortable and reassured me along the way. A very pleasant experience. Thank you Nuclear Medicine!”

- Linda

“Mary Darnell, NP at St. Catherine Hospital's Med-Clinic was very professional, caring and quick in treating me. She provided information about my illness and continues to make sure that I am ok. Thank you, Mary and the Med-Clinic staff for providing quick, quality, care in a pinch!”