Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care


The hospitals of the Community Healthcare System have been recognized as innovators for developing processes that ensure 80 percent of all mammograms results are communicated to patients on the same day of the test and breast biopsy results available within 24 hours. Few hospitals in the country can deliver this level of same-day service for screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms and minimally invasive breast biopsies.

State-of-the-art digital mammography technology is available through Community Hospital Diagnostic Center; Community Hospital Outpatient Centre in St. John and St. Catherine Hospital. Breast tomosynthesis or 3D mammography is available at St. Mary Medical Center and the Valparaiso Health Center.

Breast MRI and PET testing are also advanced imaging services provided by Community Hospital and St. Mary Medical Center. Community Hospital also offers advancedPosition Emission Mammography (PEM) that futher defines a diagnosis through the comprehensive breast cancer services available through the Women's Diagnostic Center in Munster.

To schedule outpatient diagnostic testing call:

Community Hospital (Community Diagnostic Center, Munster):
219-836-4599 or 1-800-809-9828

Community Hospital Outpatient Centre, St. John:
219-836-4599 or 1-800-809-9828

St. Catherine Hospital:
219-392-7227 or 1-800-809-9828

St. Mary Medical Center:
219-947-6436 or 1-800-809-9828

Valparaiso Health Center of St. Mary Medical Center: