My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

John Zavalydriga

John Zavalydriga -

Valparaiso, Retired Millwright

“I love our old farmhouse. It's as charming as it is old. But the constant upkeep that I normally enjoyed doing became increasingly painful. Living with two crooked knees finally caught up with me in my retirement. I waddled when I walked, and sometimes it felt like my knees were popping out of joint. It hurt so badly I couldn't even stand for any length of time. Taking care of the old farmhouse my wife and I live in was becoming too difficult.

I knew I needed knee replacements, but I kept putting it off. Since both of my knees were so crooked, I didn't know how I could replace one knee while the other remained crooked.

Thanks to St. Mary Medical Center's Joint Academy and my doctor, David Musgrave, I was able to have both knees replaced in one surgery. The surgery and my recovery was a great success and I'm back to fixing up my great old home. It's super, the things I can do these days. Two new knees and no more pain - I can get back to living my life again!”

Dr. David Musgrave -

“I knew we could successfully replace both of John's knees simultaneously. I had a great patient and a great program to work with at the Joint Academy. Their extensive pre- and post-operative education, group therapies, family participation and dedicated joint replacement team, ensure each patient receives the best care possible for quick recovery times and the most successful outcomes.”

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