My Extraordinary Care

My Extraordinary Care

Patient Linda Clark

Linda Clark -


When Linda Clark moved to Northwest Indiana two years ago, she and her husband fully expected to explore their new neighborhoods by motorcycle - one of their favorite pastimes. But soon after arriving, she was sidelined with foot problems that required minor surgery.

"The surgery was a success," says Clark of Valparaiso, "but I stumbled during recovery and tore the meniscus of my left knee. That turned out to be a bigger problem."

Clark had arthroscopic surgery to help repair the damage, but the pain and inflammation became too much to bear. "It was excruciating to walk," she says. "My husband and I lead pretty active lifestyles. We would ride our motorcycles to all these great places, but I couldn't get off and explore. After being on and off crutches all year with no real relief, I finally decided to talk to Dr. Musgrave about a knee replacement."

Back on the right track and on the road again, Clark considers her new knee a success. "I have my life back," she says.

Orthopedic surgeon David Musgrave, M.D.

The Joint Academy

“We used a new approach to knee replacement, called the Signature™ Knee, which combines the latest technologies and medical expertise to create the ultimate in custom knee replacements.

"The Signature Knee replacement system allows for better implant positioning and alignment of the new knee," says Musgrave. "Patients are able to recover more quickly than ever before and with greater, long-term success.

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