Heart Valve Institute

Heart Valve Institute

Heart Valve Institute of St. Mary Medical Center

The Heart Valve Institute offers state-of-the-art, specialized care of diseases of heart valves diseases. Our surgical team works closely with cardiologists, internists and primary care physicians to diagnose valve disease early, utilizing advanced heart treatment technology. Cardiovascular imaging specialists use the latest including diagnostic evaluations with the latest 3-D TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram), to determine the type and severity of heart valve disease, and plan treatment.  

Our physicians have the skill and experience to take on some of the most challenging and high-risk valve disease cases, as well as coronary bypass surgeries and treatment for congenital birth defects. We perform many of our surgeries minimally invasively offering patients a quicker recovery, less blood loss and better cosmetic results. The Heart Valve Institute offers a wide range of treatment options, not just for valve disease, but all cardiovascular procedures, including treatment of chronic arrhythmias and other conditions that can be treated along with valve disease.


Patients may be referred by their primary physician or may request an appointment on their own. To schedule an appointment at the Heart Valve Institute, please call: 219-947-6711.

Why Choose Us?

Our surgeons are among the Midwest’s most experienced heart valve specialists. They work collaboratively with the health professionals at St. Mary Medical Center to offer a complete treatment program that includes disease management support essential to help patients live well with heart disease.

We are committed to using a combination of repair techniques to offer treatment options that are best for the patient.  Emerging research indicates that repairing heart valves often offers the best long-term outcomes as well as eliminates the lifetime use of blood-thinning medications needed with valve replacement. Our surgeons are continuously exploring new approaches to care for patients with valve disease, in particular for those who might not have had treatment options. 

Patients at the Heart Valve Institute of St. Mary Medical Center also benefit from a dedicated quality care nurse navigator who guides them through every step in the process. We understand that heart surgery can be overwhelming for patients and their families. Our team is prepared to not only help you through surgery, but support you in making important lifestyle changes to stay heart healthy.

We are One Team.