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Helping patients achieve their best possible health takes a coordinated effort of medical expertise, meaningful support services, and useful information.

Quality Care Coordination Program

At St. Mary Medical Center, we're making healthcare easier for our patients. Newly admitted patients are paired up with their very own Quality Care Coordination Team led by Quality Care Navigators. Quality Care Navigators become our patients' personal healthcare contact – someone who knows their care plan, collaborates with their physicians, and answers any questions about their condition and treatments – even after discharge. Leading a team of case managers and social workers, Quality Care Navigators offer the resources patients need to have the most successful healthcare outcome possible.

Be sure to share your questions and concerns with all of the professionals who are directly involved with your care, discharge planning and care after hospitalization.

Quality Care Navigators

Melissa Conover

Melissa Conover, RN
Chief Quality Care Navigator
Office: 945-4662

Gina Harris

Gina Harris RN, MSN, CNS
Quality Care Navigator        
Office: 947-6246

Denise King

Denise King, RN, BSN
Quality Care Navigator
Office: 945-4565  


Tiffany Conover
General Medical
Tiffany Conover, RN
Quality Care Navigator
Office: 945-4375

Sherrin Moss
Orthopedics & Surgical

Marcella Fillippo, RN-BC, BSN
Quality Care Navigator
Office: 945-4377 

Kim Sgourodis

Kim Sgouroudis, RN, BSN
Quality Care Navigator
Office: 947-6344