Date: 3/5/2008

St. Mary Medical Center honors Employees for Years of Service

Whether they’ve been on the job for 5 years, 35 years or even 40 years, one thing is true about St. Mary Medical Center employees: they remain as dedicated as ever to providing superior patient care.

At the St. Mary Medical Center Anniversary Salute Employee Service Award Breakfast on March 5, Hospital Administrator Janice Ryba congratulated employees who have served the hospital and community with anywhere from five to 40 years of service. The breakfast took place in the hospital’s Waterfall Café, where 123 employees were congratulated for not only hitting service milestones, but helping to contribute to the hospital’s mission, vision and values in exemplary ways.

“As a hospital administrator who is very focused on patient satisfaction, I continually challenge all of us — whether we are on the clinical side or business side of providing care — to make our patients the top priority. By staying with St. Mary Medical Center for so many years, you have proven that you share this same commitment,” Ryba said. “Healthcare is not always an easy career choice, but the work you are doing here is making a difference. Whether it’s giving patients hope, a new medicine, a hug, a chance to walk again, a payment plan, a clean room, a hot meal, a working sink - you are making a difference and helping us fulfill our mission.”