Date: 2/4/2009

New Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Unveils High Resolution Technology at St. Mary Medical Center

HOBART —St. Mary Medical Center recently unveiled its new $3 million, technologically-advanced cardiac catheterization laboratory, culminating a 4 ½ -month renovation project. The new area features enhanced work spaces and the most innovative, high-resolution digital imaging technology available for cardiac catheterization procedures.

“This project firmly establishes St. Mary Medical Center as a leader in cardiac care,” said Janice Ryba, hospital administrator and CEO. “The renovation expands our technical capabilities and superior clinical outcomes as well as setting the stage for us to keep pace with future developments in cardiac imaging technology.”
The new system allows cardiologists at St. Mary Medical Center to successfully treat more patients with increasingly complex procedures. Superb digital image quality and seamless integration with computerized patient data such as previous test results and scans all provide a more complete picture of a patient’s condition allowing better treatment options.

“Patient information such as CAT scans, prior medical studies, and test results are all available at our doctors’ fingertips and ready to access during the procedure if needed,” said Cheryl Alderson, director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. “Vascular procedures such as peripheral and abdominal scans are also easily implemented by using a touch pad.”

The lab houses two procedure areas each featuring the new technology which includes flat screen, high-resolution monitors, ergonomically designed, ceiling mounted C-arm x-ray, and multi-leveled access to diagnostic information. Staff in a fully-monitored “control room” manages patient data and images during the procedures. There is also a private consultation room where physicians and patients can meet before or after procedures to view results and images on a computer.

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