Date: 5/20/2010

St. Mary Medical Center Honors Outstanding Nurses With 2010 Pillar Awards

St. Mary Medical Center 2010 Nursing Pillar Awards were presented during National Nurses Week. Pictured left to right are (front row): Sue Chandler, RN; Rose Schmelter, RN; Kristin Stok, RN; Donna Wasko, RN; and Connie Behling, RN. Nurse Managers pictured (back row, l-r); Suzanne Matheny, RN; Karen Gerke, RN; Tammie Finn-Jones, RN, VP, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer; Janice Ryba, CEO, St. Mary Medical Center; Shannon Blaney, RN; and Betty Lane, RN.

HOBART — St. Mary Medical Center honored the contributions of five nurses for outstanding performance recently by awarding the 2010 Nursing Pillar Awards. The awards recognized each nurse’s contribution in five categories — Service, Quality, Finance, Growth and People — that represent the foundation of the hospital’s operational goals and mission of care.

“These nurses were nominated by their peers who recognize the outstanding attributes of their co-workers,” says Tammie Finn-Jones, RN, vice president, patient care services and chief nursing officer at St. Mary Medical Center. “While all five nurses represent the strength of our nursing team here at St. Mary Medical Center, all of our nurses maintain the highest standards of professionalism and care. I’m proud of their dedication and excellence.”

The 2010 Nursing Pillar Award winners, with excerpts from their nominations, are:

Sue Chandler, RN, of 3 West
Nursing Pillar Award for Service:
“Sue performs hourly rounding and bedside shift report on a consistent basis. Physicians and coworkers are confident in the care she provides and identifies her as an outstanding staff member. She embraces the concepts for Operational Excellence by consistently utilizing AIDET and key words at key times. Sue is always flexible and supportive of new approaches to doing things.”

Rose Schmelter, RN, of Surgery
Nursing Pillar Award for Quality:
“Rose is seen as the ‘go to’ clinical resource in the department, consistently carrying out care according to policy and procedure. She sets a great example to staff members who are grateful for Rose’s efforts to always be organized, concise and timely in her handoffs.”

Kristin Stok, RN, of 6 West
Nursing Pillar Award for Finance
“Kristin person is described as efficient, continually providing ideas to decrease costs. She provides outstanding patient care with a proactive approach to minimizing complications, maintaining patient safety and eliminating ‘never events’. Additionally Kristin is consistently conscious of charges and the importance of applying them to the appropriate patient/account. Her diligence contributes to the controlling costs and often being under budget.

Connie Behling, RN, of 5 West
Nursing Pillar Award for Growth:
“Connie is supportive of new programs and initiatives. Understanding the importance of patient flow in growing volumes, Connie sees an increase in census as a positive outcome. She willingly accepts admissions in a timely fashion and communicates discharges as soon as they occur. She is seen among her peers as ‘the queen of admissions’, and serves as a role model to others.”

Donna Wasko, RN, of Cardiovascular Unit
Nursing Pillar Award for People:
“Donna is a dependable, reliable, team player who goes out of her way to help others. Co-workers love working with her and describe her as being courteous and professional. She respects her co-workers and gives credit where credit is due letting their managers know about others good work.”