Thank a Caregiver

Thank a Caregiver

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“My husband has worked hard all his life and he had no plans of retiring any time soon. That was, until he woke up one morning and couldn't move his right side or speak. We rushed him to St. Mary's and found out that he had a stroke. We were shocked and devastated. All I wanted was for my husband to go back to the way he was. He would cry and cry, since he was unable to even speak to me. My heart was broken and I knew our lives would never be the same. We were lost, having no idea what to do or where to turn.

That's when we met the stroke coordinator, April. She came in with a smile on her face and provided us support and the information we needed. She even got my husband to smile. I feel as if she was our angel, sent by God above. She visited with us every day, always checking to see my husband's progress and reminding us that we are learning a "new normal". That my husband's life wasn't over, just different. When I broke down and cried, she held my hand. When I said I wasn't strong enough to handle this, she reminded me that I wasn't alone and again, held my hand. She helped me keep my sanity and wouldn't let my husband quit when he felt like just giving up. When my husband took his first steps with therapy, she was there cheering him on. And I guess that's exactly how I would describe her, a cheerleader, full of energy, smiles, and laughs.

I have never met such a dedicated nurse. One who is able to take the darkest situation and shine some light. St. Mary's is blessed to have her, and so were we.

Our lives have been forever changed and we are still learning how to deal with our "new normal", but knowing that we have April to turn to, has been a blessing. We couldn't have asked for better care and are so thankful that April does what she does.”

“I got a lot of good, new information at Lisa Poradzisz's recent Diabetic Management class. Over the years I have learned a lot from Lisa.”

“Gina at the Wound Care Center rocks!!”

“Ashleigh was the nicest lady I met during my stay on 5 West. She was sweet and very nice. Great job, Ashleigh. God bless you.”

- Rich

“I just had my first visit with Megan in Outpatient Rehab and she was more than nice to me. I was nervous about someone new helping me with the equipment and what to do. Megan is a someone who made me really comfortable. She made it more than easy for me to be able to relax and do what I had to do and be done for my session. Megan is a nice, beautiful woman and I wouldn't mind her being my therapist/instructor again. With her being pregnant, I know she has more than a million thoughts going through her mind, but yet she was focused on caring and concern for me and made me smile and laugh. I appreciate her and would like to wish her the best.”

- Brittany

“I would like to thank the staff - Sara, Steve and the CNA - on 5 West for the excellent care and listening to my husband while he was in their care.”

- Barbara

“Nurse Katie gave my mother, Jeanette, great care from Sept. 9 - 11 while she was in ICU. Thank you!”

- Tom

“I had symptoms of tightness in the chest and needed to get care within an hour after talking to the VA in Chicago. I headed to the Valparaiso Health Center of St Mary Medical Center which was the closest to me. Dr. Karen Leitzel and her staff took great care of me from blood test to eco gram to x-rays. I found I had had a mild heart attack. I am now taking 1 aspirin a day and doing everything as she prescribed. I want to compliment Dr. Leitzel and her staff for making me feel comfortable and for doing their jobs in an exemplary manor. Thank You Very Much.”

- Tom

“Although I cannot remember all of the wonderful Aides and Nurses from the 3rd floor, I want to thank you all for the wonderful care I received during my stay. Here are just a few of the wonderful people that took care of me: Lille, Sara, Laurie, Melissa, Susan, Nicole, Tricia, Jonathan and Dr. Weaver. Thank you all for making my stay the best it could it be.”

- Don

“Both Dr. Shinneman and Sarah were beyond amazing! I had never gone into the ER before in so much pain and these two people made my stay so much better. They were so so caring in every way, and I cannot thank them enough for it.”

- Lisa

“We had a wonderful experience in Labor and Delivery at ST. Mary's back in December. All of the staff were super attentive and gave great care. This was our first child and Shannon-CNM did a GREAT job at keeping us at ease. She made an intense situation seem so easy! A huge thanks also to our delivery nurse Jessica; she was so nice! Thank you to all of the staff who helped make this a good experience with the birth of our baby boy!”

- Bre

“I recently gave birth at your hospital and had a beautiful baby girl. I wanted to send a special thank you to my delivery nurse, Amber, and my post-partum nurse, Tonya. They were both excellent and attentive. Thank you again!”

- Jennifer

“My mother-in-law has been hospitalized on 5W for the last several days and her care has been excellent. As a caregiver myself, and former St. Mary's employee, I would have to say the care was topnotch and the attention to not only the patient, but also the family, was outstanding. Every staff member from every department was friendly and helpful. Thank you!”

- Kristine

“My husband recently had a total hip replacement. Samantha, his nurse on 3W, was amazing!! Following surgery she was very attentive and checked on him often; and when I would call inbetween her checking on him she would come right away. The most touching thing she did was during his therapy she brought his pain meds to him instead of making him wait till he was back in the room. Samantha is a GREAT nurse who really cares about her patients!”

“On Dec. 2 my husband had major surgery. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of the staff at St. Mary's. Renee, the nurse liaison, was there for me throughout his whole surgery. She came back to check on me multiple times and informed me of how things were going. She made me feel at ease while he was in surgery instead of worrying until it was over. I am very grateful that St. Mary's has nurses like Renee!”

- Katie

“I want to say a big THANK YOU to Ana Guzman at the Women's Center. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable in an emotional situation. I had a biopsy on Nov 12th. She probably could sense that I was scared beyond words. She was so comforting and had just the right words. She even held my hand during the procedure. She is truly an angel and I wouldn't have gotten through it as smoothly as I did without her. The next day to boot was a NO CANCER diagnosis. YAY Thank you Ana for all your care.”

- Kelly

“I came down and had my appendix out after I got off work 3-11's on the 25th of October. It was 3 in the morning, and I'm sure the nurses and anesthesiologist were really hoping to go home, but you couldn't tell. They were upbeat, efficient and caring. They definitely made an unpleasant situation much easier!”

- Michele

“I had a gastroscopy done a few weeks ago at St. Mary Medical Center's Outpatient Surgery Center at Lake Park. I arrived for my procedure and was immediately impressed with the staff and how they took care of me. As I was being checked in and the information about my procedure was being explained to me; I felt as if I was with family. Mary, my nurse, was beyond excellent. She inserted my IV effortlessly. I am a phlebotomist so I was automaticially hoping that she would do a good job, haha! :) I could not have asked for a better staff to have taken care of me and make me feel as comfortable as possible during a nervous and unfamiliar time. THANK YOU LAKE PARK STAFF! Your hard work and caring personalities definitely do not go unnoticed! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”

“On May 21, I went into the ER just not feeling so hot. After running blood work and other tests, they decided to admit me for needing my appendix out. I was sent to 2 West and Karen the nurse answered all my questions. I was very nervous and had signed a consent earlier in the day without really processing the information given to me, and she took the time to get me more info to read as my cell phone had died and I could no longer get the internet. She then gave me a new form and really helped to ease my anxiety. Dr.Streeter was the surgeon assigned to me. He is one of the nicest doc's I have ever met. During my surgery I had complications and wound up in the ICU for several says. The care I received from the staff was excellent. Although I was on ventilator and unconscious, my family and friends also told me that Dr. Jordan had been in several times to check on me. When I was finally taken of the machines, he was one of the first doc to come and see how I was doing. He was very polite but also had a great sense of humor, which helped to relieve a little bit of the anxiety I was feeling. After a day or so I was moved to 3 West and stayed there until I went home on June 1. All of the staff were very polite and took excellent care of me, especially Marcie the afternoon nurse and Melissa the aide. They both went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Although my stay was much longer than I had ever anticipated, I truly felt like each staff member really went out of their way to make my visit a positive experience.”

“My 29-yr old daughter was admitted to St. Mary Medical Center for heart failure due to chemo treatments for leukemia. Dr. Schulte was assigned as her cardiologist; he was very good and so compassionate. My mother who was to be released that same day at another area hospital awaited Dr. Obaid's associate to come, but he was very late and when he got there it was none other than Dr. Schulte! He apologized that he was late because he was taking care of a 29-yr old lady with heart problems. My mom said, 'that was my granddaughter'! Dr. Shulte is such a great doctor and so sweet.”

- Pamela

“I want to thank Dr. Andrews for the knee replacement I had done on June 24th. After a month I have no pain. I call it a miracle. Thank you for all of the excellent care I got at the Joint Academy.”

- Linda

“I cannot thank the staff enough at St. Mary's for everything they do. Whether it's the ER, or the staff on the various floors, they are amazing. My husband is a "frequent flyer" at the hospital and each time he is there the care is amazing. He is usually on second or sixth floor because of his heart and the staff there is amazing. We actually received a call last night from someone at the hospital just checking to see how he has been. He's been home for about a month or so and they just wanted to see how he was handling the heat. That is awesome. You don't get that kind of care from a lot of places. So thank you staff.”

- Annette

“We, the family, were pleasantly surprised to have a NEW nurse who was so caring and proficient. We really liked her bedside manner and her cheerful smile :) Knowing your loved one is nearing the end of life is hard, but having a nurse like Tracy really made the difference. Thank you for being a Nurse and for taking care of our family member :) We hope you have a lot of great years as a nurse, touching many hearts along the way!”

- M/N

“I was sick and being a witch about everything and they made me feel better. Thank God! A lot of good, caring people work at St. Mary Medical Center. But, I'd been dropping the ball as a caregiver as my own medical problems have been consuming me. Guess it's time to pass the torch.”

- Flo

“I just had a bone density, mammogram and EKG at the Valparaiso Health Center in Valparaiso. Jenny did the mammogram and bone density. She was professional, personable and shared with me how much she enjoyed working at St. Mary's. Lorrie explained the EKG process and was timely and professional. Too bad you are not a full service hospital. Thank you.”

- Andrea

“Shannon was my primary Labor/Delivery nurse back in December when I delivered my son. I was a first time mother and had no idea what to expect. The attention Shannon gave to me and the way she helped me through everything from beginning to delivery was unforgettable. St Mary's has a true treasure in Shannon. I learned later that she is studying to be a Certified Nurse Midwife. She will make an excellent CNM. I will never forget all that she did for me.”

- Karen

“My brother is currently under care in ICU, his story began around June 24th, 2012. I received a call to come to Indiana. I packed my family as any sister would and made it to the hospital asap. Upon arrival, I went into the ICU, I was stunned, to see my brother there on the ventilator, so many pieces of medical equipment surrounded his bed; he was pale. There on that day we were told without a triple bypass he had zero chance of survival. At only 44, we were shocked. My brother had a first code blue shortly after I walked out to get a drink. Upon the announcement "code blue" my mother came crying. The professional and dedicated security staff asked us not to enter the area. I was distraught. He was patient with the entire family as we struggled to try and see my brother. Not long after, I was on my way into my brother's room and again, code blue, I could not believe it. I had made it to see this amazing team of Angels there working on my brother and again saved his life. It has been a long road, I cried all the way back home, but I was comforted knowing this staff were on top of every moment. They did not push us away, though there were many calls from all over and lot's of visitors and family (we decided to sleep in the ICU waiting area) the ICU staff were so kind and amazing, they gave us blankets and pillows. This was a blessing as I had already exhausted all of my funds for the trip and the near week long stay. Tonite, I sit writing this thank you note to the staff, volunteers, and all who encountered us, my brother has returned to ICU and is back on the ventilator. I sit knowing tomorrow I must get thru the workday. But this time it is a little different, I am comforted knowing that when I reflect on the experience I had seeing my brother during his second code blue, the way the team worked as a symphony, never missing a beat. I can rest tonite, knowing that my brother will not be judged, will not be treated differently for any reason at all. I know he is priority one. That feels really good. Sigh, goodnite and God Bless and Keep the entire staff, patient and families of this amazing hospital.”

- Shanda

“My grandmother was admitted to the hospital the first week of June 2012 and was placed on the 2 West floor. During the several days she has been on the floor, one nurse stands out from the rest as far as her care goes: Michelle.

Despite being several months pregnant, Michelle is far above any nurse I have ever seen (or have been cared for by during my own previous hospitalization). She is always smiling; is very patient with my grandmother. Takes the time to answer any and all of the family's concerns (even when she isn't assigned to my grandmother's room). All in all, Michelle cares deeply about her patients and their family and it shows every time I see her.

She is making this tough time for my family a little bit better knowing that my grandmother is in such loving and compassionate care.”

- Eric

“I was not the patient. I was a visitor. I saw how Imelda on 2West provided more than excellent care and individual attention. When she was asked to do something to make the patient more comfortable, she did it. Imelda did not come back after a long delay, nor did she disappear. She immediately did all she could to make the patient comfortable. She needs to be recognized for her attention to a patient in need of care. Imelda, THANK YOU.”

- Cynthia

“From the time I was admitted with chest pains through the ER to the Cath Lab and up to 6West, I was given the utmost care and attention. I felt like I was in competent hands.”

- Paul

“Tina at Winfield OP PT was wonderful. She is very compassionate and an excellent therapist. I was having a lot of pain and with therapy, I now have minimal pain. I can't thank her enough.”

- Chris

“I had surgery on Dec. 6 and all I can say is the staff on 6 West were the best. Thank you for everything.”

- Joanna

“I had been a pt in the ER and the staff at St. Mary's are amazing. They got my blood sugars back to normal and helped me to go home for Christmas. I have never met such a professional and compassionate group. Thanks to all, and Tonya, Colleen, Bryan, and Linda :) ”

- Cari

“Nancy on 6West has taken care of mom and has been exceptional. She does the job the way it should be done. Checks in regularly and corrects things others have overlooked. Instead of just resetting beeping IV she investigated and found it needed to be more beeps.”

- Ed

“I just had a procedure done in Same Day Surgery 6/14. I am a VERY hard IV stick and communicated this to the admitting nurse who immediately decided to have IV Team come start the IV that was needed. Joy was not only the nicest nurse I could have asked for, but she got the IV on the very first stick!! I can't even remember the last time someone was able to do that - it usually takes a minimum of 3 or 4 tries. Thanks Joy - you probably don't get too many people who thank you for sticking them with needles, but you are the BEST!”

- Tina

“I want to thank all the wonderful people in the ICU, respiratory, physical therapy, wound care, and Dr. Jordon for the wonderful care and love they gave my Mom while she was recouperating from respiratory distress. I felt like when I could not be there, that I was leaving her with family. What a wonderful group of people!!! Just to know she is doing well and hopefully, we can stop by and she can thank you personally soon.”

- Pam

“My father was rushed to the ER with a potassium level of 8.2. The nurses and doctors rushed to save his life. They were totally professional. Tommie never sat down, she even stayed longer on her shift until she knew my Dad was out of the woods. Are you kidding me? What an awesome experience. On top of that she never made us feel we were in the way. Never kept us out of the loop. Answered all of our questions. Listened to my Dad. Treated him like he was her own father. Through God's guidance and her skilled hands. He is still alive and with us today! Thank you so MUCH!”

- Vicki

“Thank you to Dr. Tarin for making me feel so at ease with my tonsillectomy. Also, the staff at Lake Park Surgery Center were so caring and hospitable.”

“I recently had surgery at Lake Park. Everyone was so nice and comforting. Angel made me feel so at ease when I arrived. I am very grateful!”

- Anita

“Thanks to all the nurses and nurse aides on 3 East for taking such good care of my mother the week of 2/7/11 to 2/11/11. Thanks to Sarah for making my mom laugh when she felt her worst. Again, thank you for everything.”

- Charles

“I wanted to thank the nurses and aides - Hollie, Amanda, Amanda, Angela & Aubrey - who took care of my daughter Holly from 11/11/10 to 11/14/10. They took care of Holly as if she was their own child. It was comforting to know that they were fighting and VERY proactive in her treatment.”

- Jane-Ellen

“In the past month, I have had to bring my friend in twice for angiograms. Each time he has been on the Cardiovascular Unit on the 2nd floor at St. Mary Medical Center. I cannot compliment the hospital and your staff enough. The care he has received is exemplary and far surpasses anything I have seen at other hospitals I have visited. The two nurses I remember most clearly are Jamie and April. Both girls are friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. They relate well to their patients and even better to each other. It put us both at ease to see nurses who genuinely respect one another and work as a team. We later learned April is "the boss". You would have never known by the way she jumps in the trenches with her staff and has no false pride or 'better than you' attitude. Not only did these girls make sure that my friend was taken care of, they also took the time to see that my needs were met. My friend and I couldn't have asked for better care. You should be very proud of your staff. They are the reason people want to return. Thank you 2nd floor Cardiovascular Unit staff!”

“I needed therapy after having broken my ankle in January. I just cannot compliment Tina enough for all her help and concern in helping me get back to walking normal and helping the tenderness of the nerves in my ankle. Not only did she help me but her cheerful attitude and outgoing, friendly personality made me feel so at ease and comfortable that I really enjoyed and looked forward to each of my sessions and was sorry, in a way, to see it end. She is very professional and at the same time she makes people feel welcome and very relaxed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know that is in need of therapy. Keep up the good work Tina and, St. Mary, you have a really outstanding employee!”

- Lynette

“Arlene, I just wanted to let you know that so far everything is going well here at home. Cindi's taking good care of me. I called Dr. Streeter's office today and they said I can start eating soft foods, Yeah! :) Thanks for everything you've done.”

- Tim

“My father Jose passed away Sat the 10th after being on both the 2nd and 5th floors. Your nursing staff on both floors helped to make those last few days very comfortable for my family and friends. They brought us coffee, pitchers of water, juice and snacks. They would check up on us to see if we needed anything else. I know it's their job, but it was their genuine concern that was very touching. The night my father passed away I had to bring my mother back to the hospital and your security was very nice and helpful. One of them brought a wheelchair for my mother and took her straight to the room. That was very nice of him. That night was very hard for my family. Also thank you to Liza that came to the memorial service on behalf of the staff and Dr Montero. She was very nice and said Jose was her favorite. That was very kind and appreciated. I thank you and your staff for everything they have done; hats off to you. Thank you.”

- Alfred

“My husband was in an industrial accident which left him with third degree burns on the lower half of his entire body. After spending a month at another hospital in Chicago for the burns he was then admitted to St Mary's Rehab Center in Hobart, Indiana on January 14, 2010, for rehabilitation. The entire staff was tremendous! He had round the clock care with caring experts. Thank you to all in the rehab center!”

- Lori

“My friend was recently admitted to your hospital and in all of my 81 years, I have never been treated better as a visitor. Mrs. G. M. was admitted first to the ICU and then 2 West. Every question was answered as politely as I have ever experienced. I have a service dog and asked permission to bring him in. Though it took a little bit of time, it was done in a proper and expedient way. She was pleased, and so was I. KUDOS”

- Pete

“I have never experienced any surgery in my 63 years when I was told I needed a total hip replacement for my osteoarthritis. My surgery was in late November 2009. All of the staff involved with the Joint Academy at St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart were excellent. They showed compassion, concern and were extremely helpful. I highly recommend this facility for its quality care.”

- Judy

“I wanted to say thank you to some of the best nurses I have ever met!! In having to come for an angiogram, I was very frightened and extremely nervous. I had even made out my will, just in case I didn't make it back. In arriving at the CVU at St. Mary's I was greeted by 3 beautiful, happy, smiling faces. Jaime, April, and Kate. They were humorous yet professional and put me at ease immediately. April started my IV flawlessly and was very reassuring in explaining the procedure. Jaime, April and Kate made sure I was taken care of before and after the procedure, getting me anything I asked for, always with a smile. I'm sure these girls were very busy, but they made me feel like I was their only patient and their top priority!! I couldn't have asked for better nurses or care. They truly were exceptional and I would recommend St. Mary's and these girls to everyone. THANK YOU AGAIN!”

- A Very Satisfied Customer

“I was hospitalized for surgery and was feeling very emotional and anxious. I had not had surgery before and was not prepared for some aspects of recovery - catheter, pain, etc. Warren took the time to explain the recovery process in great detail. His demeanor was very calming and patient, which helped me feel a lot better about the procedure, recovery, and what I could expect after leaving the hospital. I also felt very comfortable asking him any questions I had. He is truly a wonderful nurse!”