Volunteering at St. Mary Medical Center

Be a Volunteer

Looking for a worthwhile volunteer opportunity that can truly make a difference? The St. Mary Medical Center Auxiliary has been making a difference in the lives of individuals, and in the health of our community for over 50 years. You're invited to join the Auxiliary and be a part of the Red Coat and Pink Lady tradition.

The Gift Shop 1

The Gift Shop 2

The Gift Shop 3

The Gift Shop

Volunteers 1

Volunteers 2

Red Coat and Pink Lady Volunteers

These services include:

  • Information Desk
  • Reception Desk
  • Mail Delivery
  • Gift Shop
  • Garden Café
  • Pastoral Care
  • Emergency Room
  • Friendship Tea
  • ICU Waiting Area
  • Sewing and Crafts
  • Surgical Waiting Area
  • Admitting Area
  • Burn and Wound
  • Complementary patient BINGO

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer we invite you to attend a 1½ hour orientation, which are scheduled monthly.